Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Snow cones & Pre K

Today consisted of very little sleep, Harper was up every 90 minutes over night.
Blamed molars but ears are backing up and leaking.
Dang you ears and weather changing.
Luckily, otherwise she is super clear and should be a quick fix with her script drops.
Knock on wood.

Still comical.

End of summer hair cut or trim.
We also purchased some swim shampoo for the girls since indoor swimming can be so rough on your hair.
She looked beautiful.

Loves her Hello Kitty rain boots we found while dropping stuff off at Goodwill today.

Then it was time for snow cones.
We love a place on Rufe Snow just past MidCities.
HG gets shaved ice.
Harper gets half of a small of Barbie. White coconut and cotton candy.
White coconut for me.

Our big girl starts Pre K on Thursday.

Love her so much.


  1. HG is just gorgeous! Love her new haircut. I hope she has a wonderful school year. Harper, that sweet girl makes me smile. :)


  2. I can't believe HG is in pre-k! They are so cute!!