Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday parties, boats & surf boards

Our weekend kicked off with big breakfast followed by Cadent's 6th birthday party at a super fun bounce house.

Cyclone wind machine, 78 mph
Such an adorable group of kids

Heidi and her MIL made the adorable cup cakes.

Harper and Harper, one year a part.
Thanks Heidi for this adorable picture.

After the party, we had planned to head out to Lake Grapevine with the husband's parents.
The trim on the boat messed up so our plans changed to fajitas and play time.

HG has been asking to go to Cracker Barrel for some time now.
She loves the shop and I honestly can't remember the last time we took her.
Maybe she was Harper's age?
Mia takes her and she hadn't forgotten anything that was inside that place.
Harper slept until our food arrived and our lovely waitress woke her.
I managed 6 biscuits, plate of chicken n dumpings, baby carrots and a salad with honey mustard.
Oh I love some dumplings. :)
HG ate every single bite on her plate as well.

Sweet girls.

A trip to Bass Pro to see the shark and fish finished out our shark week.
Harper was NOT a fan of the shark but Chris talked her into getting a little close when we explained it was pretend, stuffed.

Mom, fishy!

She can't go outside with out her shades, she sun kills her eyes.

Costco run for diapers being $6 off a box.
It was a good deal, making Huggies 18 cents a diaper.
The target ones are breaking Harper out even when dry.
The Pampers smell so bad if she pees (probably just my pregnancy) but she LOVES the Elmo.
The Luvs just don't work perfectly for her but we use from time to time.
Huggies work the best which did not work at all for HG.
Diapers last a long time for us now days which I love.
360 diapers to add to our collection should get us to potty training.

Doesn't everyone surf in their entry?


Harper loves her Momma
Messes and rolls

I loved this weekend.
Except for HG getting carsick in 100 degree heat after cake and ice cream.
But seriously, this weekend was just great.

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