Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fall leaves

We spent the afternoon in Weatherford after Mass and lunch at Five Guys. Their fries, I could eat daily. Yesterday was Grandpa's 93rd Birthday and each year needs to be celebrated of course. It is alway a nice breath of fresh air out there, ton of land to roam.

I love the smell of burning leaves and sitting around bonfires but 10 minutes outside, it was really bothering me. I don't have bad allergies. I am not even sure how close they were to us. Luckily, we don't miss dosages of Singular, Zyrtec or our vitamins around our house, except for myself since I rarely need it and hating to take any more meds while pregnant. I could feel something in the air blowing around though. It was almost as if the burning of the leaves was letting off a fire in my throat. Maybe it was simply the burning of the leaves or maybe it is the front before the big front in a few days. We've been told more than once that this will be a rough winter and spring with sickness. Maybe we should start listening our Doctor.

The colors were beautiful, girls enjoy running outside (the small amount of time I let Harper outside) and enjoyed yummy food. I am being strict on Harper right now after finally getting her well, she busted an ear drum so back on antibiotics the day we finished her 3 week round. It seems that everyone we talk to is getting sick or has been sick. Yuk! Poor everyone!! I am going to cry if I see a temperature anytime soon. Lots blowing around in the air right now even with just allergies. I know I can't keep her super sheltered each and every minute of every day but I might try. It would be good to go a week without worrying. Or maybe we could stop the face plants, busting of the nose and sinus area causing issues, keep pet hair away from her, even Camo running to kennel in laundry room leaves short hair. All pet dander and hair puts her breathing issues in full force. All the poor girl wants is an inside dog, a pink tiny dog that she can be the mommy. ;) Maybe one day there will be magic allergy pills for dog and cats.

I must say it was a great Sunday and it seemed the weather grew warmer as the day went on. A few fun things this week but not before I go buy boxes of magic soap aka hand sanitizer and Lysol. Oh- we I must share Thanksgiving as well. Turned out to be such a nice time.

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