Saturday, December 14, 2013


Baby Hudson got another great report on Thursday. Still measuring in 99% for height and weight and had fluid surrounding him. He is sunny side up still and as he grows, I hope he flips around. Much more comfortable for me when he is facing the other way. We have another week under the belt so to speak and couldn't be happier. My contractions are growing stronger and more of them as the days go by but that is expected.

We've played a lot inside this week trying to keep the sickness away for Christmas events. Thursday kicks off 7 days of Christmas stuff planned. Whew, I am honestly exhausted thinking about it.
The girls also start their baby sitter Monday. While we have done a trial run and had various sitters here, they will actually go to her.  She does some homeschooling, daily crafts, meals, etc so we are pretty excited about that.  I am supposed to be taking it as easy as I can, spacing out the house hold chores and can't be on my feet all day. I don't think I sat down all day today cleaning up sickies.
I jumped in the shower the other day while Harper and HG watched Sophia.
Maybe 4 minutes total in there.
Harper was so excited HG brought the box of cookies upstairs.
Evenings by the fire and tree.
If I were an apple tv remote, where would I hide?
In one of the play kitchen microwaves of course!
Friday morning, we headed to Buy Buy Baby since their organic snack foods were 50%.
Right when you walk in, there is always a rack of stuff and it just so happened it was full of Harper's favorites on Friday.
Easy additions lunches for school and snacks on the go.
We were so close to NE Mall, we headed in to see if we could find anything.
A nice surprise for us was seeing Grandmommy for a little bit while she was working out there.
The mall was a mad house and we didn't buy anything except for lunch and cookies.
food coloring shaving cream in the tub instead of finger paints.
I never let the girls play at the mall play grounds in flu/cold seasons.
It is so germ infested and all of our doctors say to stay away for Harper's sake.
But, they had been cooped up for what seemed like 2 weeks and needed to run.
I gave in and as I sat there, I had this horrible guilt in my gut.
Like I was asking all those nasty germs to climb on us.
While it wasn't very busy, we lasted until a green snotty nose/congested coughing little kid came to play.
I don't think I have ever scooped up my kids so fast.
I cleaned us up in the bathroom and we were good to go.
Both girls were going wild over the play area while it lasted.
When living in Grapevine, we played at the Galleria often in the summer with some of our besties.
I'm not sure if Harper even remembers ever going to a play area.
Of course, like clock work it hits.
Harper threw up the majority of the night starting around 3.
It was coming out both ends and everywhere.
I felt so sorry for her, she was miserable.
Thank goodness for Zofran which helped around dawn and allowed her a couple hours of sleep.
I have finished 12 loads of laundry and two more are going.
I'm talking it was BAD.
Two massive bottles of Lysol, bleached walls, everything upstairs is now sanitized and good to go.
Lets just pray HG and I don't catch it but so far we're great.
Tonight, she managed a couple bites of a graham cracker and some liquid.
We made a goodwill run and looks like someone got into it.
I laughed so hard when I saw the slap koozies on her legs.
She DID NOT want them to come off.
Thursday morning, all the ice still at my doctor's office.
It all fell off at once Monday and shook the entire building.
Maybe we will use the dining room for Christmas dinners this year.
Teacher gifts, they smell amazing.
Thanks Heidi for the idea.
Wrapped and attached Starbuck's gift cards.
She dressed herself and did not want to go to sleep.
Met friends at a cute little bakery where we got  kolaches, had breakfast and brought a dozen home.
Harper this afternoon and yes, she is wearing a bow.
We have to pull her hair back so she can see.
She went from one set of pajamas to another to another today.
At least they are comfy, cute and I think all matched today.
Praying tomorrow we are all back in one piece and can attempt Mass.
We want to enjoy the warmer weather before the next storm hits on Saturday.

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