Friday, December 27, 2013

All Smiles

Christmas was good this year to us this year, the girls had a blast.  We were talking about how different Christmases will be in the years to come and we think we will like it.  LOVE IT to be exact.  Super thankful to my family who drove over to celebrate us over the Holiday, I know it is a long drive and even more thankful for the offers to come back over and help with the girls.
We have lots of pictures to blog but this one is extra special.  Harper is all smiles during breakfast today.  I let her choose whatever she wanted.  Cereal, bacon and pancakes.  Lets hope this smile lasts longer than an hour or two today.

Harper and HG managed to both pick up flu type 1 sometime this week.  Hailey Grace hadn't shown any signs or symptoms yet and still isn't.  Shows you can pick up anything anywhere as we were in the house keeping away from the germs.  Harper is also suffering from croup and pneumonia in her left lung.  One runny, snotty nose for her from allergies can turn into something major in 24 hours.  The husband did not test positive but is still on 10 day antiviral as am I.  The Doctor didn't care if I was positive or not I have not missed a beat and have done 23 loads of laundry since yesterday morning and lysoled each and everything in the entire house, they were going to treat me. Apparently they like to put pregnant women with the flu in the hospital. So once again, we are on lock down here at our household.  The girls can not get out until Monday depending on symptoms but poor Harper can not be around anyone, especially kids with even a slight runny nose for a while.  Her lungs must heal or it can spread to the right side or turn into other various things.  We're hoping she will be able to go back to school when they start back up.

So for now, we will be inside constantly washing our hands, playing with Santa toys, working on Church donation piles, boxing up clothes, washing laundry and holding our breath that other germs come into our house.

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