Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back to life

Tomorrow, the girls are allowed to head back to school. Praise The Lord! 
What we thought was a stomach virus early Saturday morning for Harper, causing 14 loads of laundry and cleaning the carpet, was actually strep. She wasn't snotty, she hadn't been sick, she just started throwing up early Saturday. Typical stomach virus stuff in or experience.  I disinfected our entire house, I'm talking bed posts, every door handle and knob and every toy. Seriously, every toy. It took ALL day but it had to be done. 

Sunday was better for Harper, no fever but two of our toliets backed up. The Master flooded everywhere. So from puke to poop, I got all the things covered this weekend. The issue was that each time I unclogged it, the son of a gun would clog again. Even without toliet paper. I was in tears, exhausted from Saturday and no help. All of our baby sitters were busy and our parents were doing thee things. So mess after mess, I kept cleaning it up until my breaking point. I called a plumber and scheduled an early morning visit Monday.  Lucky for us, we have 3 toliets or we would have been heading a hotel near by to meet the plumber the next morning. You might remember but when we had our big floods, our toliets began clogging up shortly before hand. The LAST thing we needed was a major flood. The husband is really into fixing stuff himself but the toliets clog up often and he was many states away so I won the debates Monday morning, a great plumber came and all the toliets were back in working order. I cried happy tears after all the tears over the weekend. Plus the dog, HG and Harper had been up ALL night so I was delirious. The issue isn't the pipes or anything, it is the original toliets and the valves on them.  Basically, they all need replacing to accomdate the number of times used in a day. Not to mention updating. 
Monday afternoon was greeted with HG and her 103.7 fever, headache, neck pain, sore throat, and so forth. I had planned on watching her over night and taking her into our pedi on Tuesday if still not feeling well. However, she began to go down hill quickly and then break out into a rash. I knew what it was by then so off to the walk in urgent care by us. Harper began breaking out with the same rash by then so we checked her in while HG was being examined. Both girls tested positive for strep. Good times! Even with Advil, HG's fever was still high so we had no idea when it would break. Seems once the fever begins to break with strep, they tend to feel better.
Glad to say that Tuesday evening, her fever broke and Harper had no sign of one. Most likely on Saturday, it was strep and not the stomach virus. Strep can present itself like the stomach virus in the beginning.  With a call into our doctor, she assured us that both girls are able to go back to school on Thursday since fever broke Tuesday.  They are both on pretty strong 5 day antibiotics and it is amazing how quickly it began to work. Basically a Z pack for kids and it continues in their system long after it is stopped. That helps us fight any germs we will come in contact with while celebrating Christmas with our families.  Poor Harper will pick up anything and everything and her little nose is so stuffy. :( back to breathing treatments for that gal.

The husband flies home in a couple of hours and both girls are already asleep. No fun waking to do an airport run but glad to have him home. I'm beat beyond belief from this week of disinfecting each day, laundry (we washed everything each day from our bed, clothes, stuffed dolls, and toys) and basically just being 32 weeks pregnant. Plus all my medicine makes my blood pressure extremely low so that contributes to zero energy.

Tomorrow is a busy and fun day for us, so thankful we are back in the saddle feeling good.

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