Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas celebration 2, 3 and 4

I'm bad at taking photos but this year just down right horrible.  Our nice camera hasn't been out in so long, such a bummer.  I have a million pictures on IG thanks to my cell being full but never remember to take the important ones, you know ones with family and friends. Ones that I want pictures of.  I must get better dang it.

Still fighting sleep until 10:30 Saturday night.
My girl is usually down arounf 7-7:30 if we aren't running behind.
Friday night, we headed to dinner with some of our sweetest friends, the Deckers and Wilkersons at Winewood in Grapevine to celebrate a little Christmas cheer. The food was great and loved the company even more. The grandparents wrangled the girls over night which allowed us time for visiting after dinner, World Market and Target. Thank you!! I don't think I've ever closed down a Target on a Friday night. As with anything as wonderful as a night away, it sure throws Harper off schedule. She has been a wreck since Saturday but we are almost back to our 'normal' schedule.......after not going to sleep until 10:30 Saturday and waking at 6:45 Sunday. Whew. I am sure all these big days we have coming up will throw her off some, she is a schedule type of girl.  HG on the other hand, she needs 12 hours of  sleep but doesn't matter the exact hours. Sleeping until noon doesn't seem to bother her, she would rather skip breakfast time anyway.  We are a little more lax with her during Holidays, breaks and special family time that we really aren't on Harper. HG  will still be in bed by 8-9 (7-7:30 if the husband is traveling) but we will let her watch certain movies, play reading or math games, etc. Plus, this is some alone time for HG and Chris or I.

Back to Saturday, the husband and I headed out before 9 for a Starbuck's before heading to Christmas celebration #3. We arrived in time to bathe the girls and get HG's hair dried before heading to a party. Harper stayed with Chris and they headed to good friends of ours for manly hunting things. Harper loves going to visit and the first thing out of her mouth was that she saw Mr Justin.  Not a hey mommy or hello mommy, she was far too excited to tell me she went over there.  My mother in law, HG and I headed to a friends house in the nasty rain for a lovely Christmas tea and ornament exchange. We look forward to this each year and was so glad HG was able to join us this year alone. Super sad that it could very well be our last for many years since we don't want to give up Santa at our house just yet. Our kids are still young and we believe in the magic of Christmas morning. Plus, deciding on where to go and when not living here is extremely difficult. That is a whole another blog post.  Remember, we will be in Indiana? We have assured HG Santa will know where she lives.  During the Christmas tea party, HG 'stole' her ornament from another guest during the white elephant exchange.  She was SO nervous but knew which one she wanted.  This allowed her to bring home what we brought. This house loves owls and her teachers would be proud.  After lots of sweets, quiches, muffins, teas, and taks, we said our goodbyes and headed to meet rescued the husband. We had a few things to do Saturday afternoon as did everyone else. Our Christmas stuff is daily so running out and getting a few things was a must.

Such a lovely time!
Debbie's House is always so welcoming, warming and beautiful this time of year.
Hailey Grace just worships their dog Beaux, calls Mr Wallis Uncle Larry and might follow him around.
Proud of her owl
Beaux and HG

Sunday morning started before dawn after finally getting Harper to sleep around 10:30.  Girl doesn't do well staying up late. I told Harper the sun WAS NOT up and that she was going back to sleep. For a split second, I really thought she would. By 7:30, she was having pancakes, cuties and cereal while laundry was going. I lost. By 10, she was a train wreck but we had a busy day so in the tub to swim she went.  She will swim and play in clean, clear water for hours.
Poppy and Danielle came to visit us and do a small Christmas today. We started at lunch in Ronoake at Babe's, stuffing ourselves until we couldn't move. Harper took a good nap while we exchanged gifts and visited. Danielle is a very talented hair dresser so we were lucky enough that she gave HG a super cute bob. We had planned on a 'trim' but last minute HG wanted a bob, which was fine by us. We were thinking less tangles while Hudson is new. Less screaming. The girls love visiting with Poppy and Danielle so they did not stop talking the entire time.  HG was of course worried as to when Bob Barker and Molly will get to come spend the night at her house.
All grown up, heading to Mass.
Heading to Mass and just as the Homiky began, Harper took HG out yelling. Cat Fight where everyone could see and hear. She and I left, her kicking, crying and screaming that she loved Church and was so sorry God. We WERE that family today.
Willie Robertson collectible.
Sporting her new bob.
Only a pro can whip up something like this in a matter of seconds.
Harper love being a ham with her new backpack and gingerbread dress.
Poppy and Danielle's gift to Hudson is amazing!!! I couldn't have chosen the colors or size better and everyone knows how I love items being monogrammed. I wasn't sure what I would pack stuff in for the hospital for him but now there is no question about it.
Harper loves beanies, poppy and Danille brought her this.
Monkey has a Christmas sweater thanks to Meghan and Stephanie. It is a wine/beer bottle sweater but fits monkey well.
Since having 35 minutes before Mass was over, the two of us headed to sprouts.
We were down to only bananas, cuties and an apple.
That never goes over well in our house.
We loaded up with strawberries, red grapes, blackberries, apples and a pear for Harper to try.
Hoping this will get us through Christmas with Harper's fruit eating self.
She did however reach out,  grab a red apple and went to town on it.
Typically a peel granny smith fan, she was chowing down.
I am really trying hard not to think of all the germs.
Our Holiday celebrations have been off to a great start.
Celebration 1 was school celebrations followed by Santa at Bass Pro with Grandmommy being able to join us.
Celebration 2 was a Christmas dinner Friday night with good friends and no kids. :) We missed a couple of couples who couldn't be there and hope to catch up really soon.
Celebration 3 was Saturday at Debbie and Kristen's Christmas tea and ornament exchage.
Celebration 4 was Sunday with Poppy and Danielle to visit and celebrate Christmas together.
Of course this year has already been amazing celebrating the Holidays and we are just a few days into it.  Tomorrow is a really big day for us, any extra prayers would be appreciated but by the end of the day, Mia and Auntie Collins will be here.  Both girls are beside themselves with excitement as are the husband and I.  We have not seen them since the end of october and I know that is the longest we have ever gone.

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