Sunday, December 15, 2013

Men gifts

Men are always hard for me to buy for. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because my husband has everything under the sun? Maybe because if my dad or brothers need or want something, they go buy it? Same with the husband as well. Plus he wears jeans and Polo work shirts or pull overs to work. Guy friends however are incredibly easy. Funny how all of it works.

If the girls had their ways, the husband and Uncle Mark would be sporting Duck Dynasty pajamas pants or undies. You can thank me now Chris.  Harper just goes along with what HG wants even though she recognizes Willie and screams Duck Dynasty Hailey Grace at the top of her little lungs.  We don't need any extra stuff this year after just cleaning out closets and taking a MASSIVE Goodwill pile. I have another one going tomorrow too and I know we will go again after Christmas. Luckily for us, it is just a few miles down the street and is pretty easy to take big loads of crap. What is our crap is another person's gold mine. But also, would they really wear it? My girls would in a heart beat.

Back to gifts......the husband has really wanted Bose noise canceling headphones for a while now. Flying weekly and working from home, these are the perfect gift. Bose brand, not a knock off even though he is considering the Costco ones for a few months. We looked at The Beats but our friend's kids all have those and it is something we would purchase for HG. Nothing like walking around with other professionals wearing a little Dr Dre on your ears. They were veto'd pretty quickly but do work nicely and we might end up with some for the car. Of course when I went to purchase them, he wasn't sure about spending $268-$314 on a set of headphones. I was totally okay with it because it was something he really wanted and would use weekly......until we move. That was another hiccup. He won't be flying weekly or even monthly wen we move but they sure would be nice to have around the house with 3 kids of various ages. AMAZING how loud they get as they get older. So we veto'd the Bose headphones for Christmas. I have them in my 'cart' on Amazon and his birthday is a few short weeks after Christmas so we shall see.  Isn't Amazon Prime awesome where they ship for free in 2 days?

Another thing was gifts to open. The girls would be upset if he only opened one or two gifts. Funny how that is but they want everyone else to enjoy events as much as they do. I try to do 4 gifts and knick knacks or fun stocking stuffers. Since we veto'd the headphones, I was back at square one. What in the heck do you buy something who really doesn't need anything? I am the exact same way this year though.  I don't 'need' anything except practical things. I need a new chi, rollers, lotion, shampoo, vacuum for downstairs, etc. I've been waiting since Summer for these items too so no biggy if Santa doesn't bring them.  A hair cut and a pedicure will happen, this week. I have too hard of a time cutting my toe nails and don't even want to think about peeing on myself right now.  Of course there are wants and desires but I (we) seriously don't need it right now. So I had to get creative and take in mind that we will be living 15-16 hours north east of here soon. A year with of golf or a country club membership locally wouldn't work. Shorts for someone who has 34 pairs already wasn't a good idea. Seriously, two tubs of shorts.  Warmer clothes or something to do up North would be best. Or a dinner date which will happen before Christmas.
I am Patagonia junkie. I love it. Grew up wearing it, my girls love their jackets as well as Chris. He however only has one sweatshirt from my Mom but LOVES/LOVED it. Patagonia can get pricey so he always bought North Face or people gave it to him for gifts.  Don't get me wrong, we still love North Face as well.  There is a jacket on my 'want' list that I hope to purchase this summer for next winter if we have some extra money.  Apparently it is very popular as most places sell out in the men sizes. I thought a pull over version in blue would be perfect for the husband. Not only would it bring his blue eyes out, it would be perfect to wear over work stuff, on a ski trip or just to throw on for errands. It is amazingly soft and too cuddly. I got excited when I purchased one from Moose Jaw, one of our favorite shops. The day it was due to be delivered, I got an email stating it was out of stock and they are unable to order more because Patagonia is out. Great. Two losses in a row on Christmas stuff. I just happened to be at the doctor when it came through and was talking to him about it. He recommended I did not try to visit a bunch of places (trying to keep fluid up and contractions down) but should try Tyler's in Southlake. How on earth can we forget about that store? I love it. While I did not find the null pull over I was looking for, I learned they do have a Patagonia section and TONS of awesome shoes. I managed to score two pull overs for the price of the original one I ordered. Score! Whether he keeps them both or exchanges for the one I planned on ordering, who knows. Both are light enough weight for Texas winter or for visiting Canada next year. Let's just pray he love the feel as much as the first one he received years ago from my mom.

That isn't really considered a fun gift in my book though. I love to do surprises and get a gift that he least excepts. Sometimes this is a huge box of Reese's butter cups, a trip or a gift card to somewhere fun. Well, I have a freezer full of chocolate, won't be traveling right now and he probably won't be using a gift car anytime soon unless it involves kids and babies. :) One of my BFF's said I needed to do this............

Of course I totally jumped on it. We have TONS of ice chests and gave him a Yeti for Father's Day but this is cool. It will look perfect in a covered patio or even down in a basement for decoration. Plus an easy fill of drinks. The girls love it and we hope the husband does as well.......Hopefully he does!

If you know my husband, you know she also loves shoes.  Good shoes. We have plenty of shoes given to us or bought that our feet never touched because they weren't our style, size or weren't comfortable.  He takes good care of his shoes and wears them for work and dinners out so spending a little money on them is not a concern.  But when Cole Hann has a sale, it is hard not for me to buy each and every pair.  While at Dillard's on Friday, I couldn't make up my mind but Amazon Prime came to the rescue with the same price and free shipping.

Lucky for me, the husband won't be anywhere near this blog until after Christmas.  He is working right now in various towns and once he lands, we hit the ground running for various Holiday events. Also, another cold front moving in on Saturday with a chance of ice? No thank you!! My yard still has ice and my girls want the grass to dry out. And my dog stinks, he needs to sleep outside so we don't have to worry about Harper's allergies.   Plus, I have to do lists for him that might be sort of long depending on what I can tackle early in the week. The list goes on just like life right?

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