Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flu #2

As I hit post saying the flu hadn't hit HG, her body was preparing to show us differently. My goodness, I don't want to see another snotty nose or puke can for a long while. I ended up just putting her in the shower then bath with a puke can.  One item has been washed THREE times and still covered. I went through a 32 load container in 24 hours and almost caught up. I *think* I have 6 loads left if all comforters and downs come clean. This is the first time the flu has ever hit our house besides stomach flu viruses. I am beyond thankful that we DO believe in shots and it allowed for less severe symptoms and less time it lingers around. Poor HG definitely picked it up after Harper as it was 32 hours later when it hit. I love that my parents call and text constantly to check on their grandchildren and offer to come help, risking catching it just to give me a break or fold laundry.  You know how much they love you and the kids when they will drop everything and rush here for anything. We will certainly miss that when we move and are forever thankful.
Poor HG feeling not so hot but this is before it actually hit.
HG and I managed to take ALL Christmas decorations (thank you zofran!!) down except for the actual trees and lawn decorations. Now, let's just time he husband and see how long it actually takes him to take these down. Luckily, my dad has offered to come help with the girls and various other things I might need. I might put him to work next weekend helping me, trees are HEAVY! :)
She picked out her outfit for Starbuck's drive thru today. She was SO excited to leave the house but my poor car smells terrible. TERRIBLE!
The Elmo house shoes were HG's when she was 18 months (I had a few texts today about them) and we have another pair with still tags from Grandmommy last year.
Starbucks gave her chocolate milk instead of white milk and she WAS NOT PLEASED. The car in front of us paid for our stuff so we repaid the favor for the couple behind us. 

Notice that she 'stole' HG's Furby. She loves that thing and it isn't bad at all. Sure it talks a lot but I was told nightmares about them. If she gets too annoying, we just put her to sleep.
It is a good thing HG is still in lockdown and the husband is busy , all 50% off.
Sweetness watching Caillou instead of eating lunch today. 

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