Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family weekend

What a weekend!
Sunday came far too fast. The weather warmed much hotter than should be legal for fall.

Gloria's, we love you. Your bean is out of this world. Harper was shoveling it in as fast as she could. Your margaritas are small and so yummy. Yet so strong. Poppy treated us to dinner, so nice.

Sunday, we carried a couch and coffee table to my sister in Dallas and had lunch at Ozona. HG was crying most of the way home for Auntie Collins. She ( WE!)love our Collins. The husband and I always always forget about Ozona, love that place. From Keller, it is about an hour with out much traffic so quite the drive. Bloody Mary bar on Sunday sure looked good, perfect for the football crowd they bring in. Sunday was finished with Mass and Spaghetti. I just threw stuff together for the sauce, added a little milk and simmered. Amazing!

This week started off with a bang. Harper sneezed out a hematoma or so the doctors think that is what it is while we were at Hobby Lobby. Pretty scary and odd but we have had a world of people call and check on her. Doctors included. Her Plastic Surgeon called again today. She was just fine when it happened and fine ever since that we can tell. One molar is in and another pushing through causing some pain but otherwise pretty mellow. Everyone is wondering if this was pushing against her tear duct causing it to remain clogged. With all the probes and surgeries you would wonder why no one ever saw it. Well they only went in through the tear duct. This is a tiny tube. Once in, they couldn't get the stint in, it was as if her tear duct just stopped or did a turn. What they are hoping is that this was pressing into her tear duct causing it to be cut off. So far, her eye has been good. Only time will tell. ENT Monday and Plastic Surgeon in a few weeks. Of course, I have fingers and toes crossed they are right.

Tuesday while HG was at school, Harper and I finished our errands for the week had lunch at Costco and worked on showers. I'll post the invitations soon, they are too cute. I am getting a night away, alone without the baby girls in big D. What on earth am I going to do with myself? This will be the first time Chris has kept the girls, ever I think both at same time. My prayers have started that they go easy on him, they survive and that Aunt Collins can help. :) I can see him wearing make up, dancing to Harper playing piano while HG is on the guitar and in princess gear. A friend today laughed and said, oh he needs to keep those babies alright. She laughed and said, he'll be in bed by 8. While I am so excited, I am SO nervous. So nervous about them. I guess that is only natural?

Ranger evening games are just a no go for us. The husband and I yes, perfect evening if just us or even hg. With a 7:05 game time and a baby that likes to go to bed at 7, it makes for a challenging evening. Last night was full of a disrespectful group guys. Bad words, standing so no one could see, chugging beers, singing and acting fools. That always makes for a great night siting in the seat next to them holding a baby. I made the husband leave early but still by the time we grabbed his car and drove home it was 11:30. Dance came early for HG today and Harper let me stay in bed until 8:20. In bed, not asleep but in bed. :) tonight, Harper Love was begging to go to sleep at 5.

We can't believe tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday! Work week is almost over. School tomorrow and the husband is having a guys afternoon at the ballpark. Harper and I plan on a lazy day....if there is ever such a thing.

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  1. Sorry about the rowdy crowd for you guys at the Ranger's game. I always understand people are out to have fun, but when they are disrespectful of others around them, then I totally lose it. :)

    I hope you and Harper have a relaxing day today. I know what you mean though, is it ever relaxing?! I know I will drop Boyd off and find a hundred things that I need to do at home.

    I've still never eaten at Gloria's, but I hear so much good stuff about it.