Friday, September 14, 2012

Ranger game & cooler temps

Not sure about everyone's weather but our is rockin' here.
Jeans, boots, Ranger games.
Fall is on its way!

Harper finally made it to her first Ranger game outside the belly. When she was still growing, she made many games in the heat since we had season tickets. This year, we did a different deal and we've been so busy that it is finally just now working out. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

HG had me braid her hair in tiny little braids to have Kensley's hair. Her hair is super thick so it took lots of little braids. As the day went on, the cuter it became. She was proud, so proud.

Harper is on her last day of antibiotics, once again and we will start Zyrtec to help keep her healthy and clear. Her Pedi didn't want to start her this early, even though there is a dose for 6 months of age. After consulting with HG's pedi in Texarkana and Harper's eye surgeons, we feel that this is the best option. I lost count at 20+ rounds of antibiotics. Seriously, more than 20. It all starts out with allergies it seems. When HG and the husband are downing Zyrtec, poor Harper is suffering too. The last six weeks, we have been to a doctor once a week, sometimes twice. Before that, we had a ten day break and the previous month we were there weekly. Poor girl, her poor belly. We are really hoping the Zyrtec works and she can stay well. Now, if the belly bugs will just stay gone and no poop in the tub. :) But, Harper is rocking her teething necklace and feeling really good today. Thank goodness!

The husband treated us to Steak N Shake today. That is seriously one of HG's favorite spots. So funny but she eats every single bite. Every single bite. Santa might have to find some stocking stuffers for there.

We don't have anything planned this weekend. Nothing outside the house thankfully! It has been months and months since we have had a weekend like that. There is something in the Stockyards we might visit, our garage needs TONS of work, house needs touch up, etc. I'm sure there wont be a dull moment but the girls and I might stay in pajamas all weekend log except for Mass.

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