Monday, September 3, 2012

School mode

This girls and I took our time coming tonight today. We started out in a rush, trying to get back to take care of things and see about starting Harper on allergy medicine. Poor gal is flowing like a faucet and kind of way to put it.

We stopped for lunch at Bucee's in Madisonville, one of our favorite stops. We left with BBQ sandwiches, jerky, French fries, chocolate covered pretzels and wasabi covered peas. A made do picnic in the back of the Tahoe with the air blazing, we were stuffed. This is about where the trip took a turn. Harper cried at the top of her lungs for the next stretch of road. Finally, I pulled over to see if she would nurse. From here, we cut across to I35 in Hillsboro. I must say, the drive was pretty from Mexia to Hillsboro and just happens to drop you off at the Outlet Mall. Just so happens......

Here, we finished the Christmas shopping for all the little ones in the family. Well, just a thing or two left to pick up but mostly done. Nuts, crazy, OCD, I know but it was easy and the girls played. As The Holidays approach, our schedule becomes packed. Weddings, hunting, traveling, work. The husband loves to get gift cards but hates to give them. I honestly would rather give some $25-30 bucks to a place I know they like instead of me trying to pick out a top or something. If I know the person likes it or would like it then I will grab it. Otherwise, this year is most likely gifts cards.

Our day didn't stop there, we arrived to Keller and headed to Kroger. They had some great sales and I needed a glass of wine. At home of course but needed to buy some. I wound up with stuff (nothing processed!!) for 15 dinners, plus $9 sushi, $7 clearance 2009 wine, 6 deals of squeeze baby food, fruit and vegetables. I spent less than $150! I was proud, I'm sure I could have done better but I can spend $150 on 5 nights.

Laundry is going, girls are asleep, air is broken (yep, once again!!!), school starts tomorrow, my allergies started kicking tonight so must be something in the air and the strangest show is on tv. Strange I tell you! The husband comes home tomorrow and HG is making him a 'welcome home' basket after school.

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