Saturday, September 22, 2012

Roller Coaster.

What a roller coaster of a week.
I will start off by saying it was a good week but a roller coaster.
My Saturday mornings sure are different.
Harper Love and I were down stairs by 7:45 this morning.
I am trying to keep her half way quiet to let HG sleep.
Chris flew back in around 8:45 last night so HG was allowed to stay up.
Around 11, he finally came in.
Traffic in Grapevine.
Need I say more?

I just realized I have a few Dr Oz shows recorded.
I decided on the one with Kristie Alley.
She is acting pretty trashy on there.

Shiner and HG enjoy playing in the kennel.
Harper love wishes she could roll around in there.
Shiner is still doing good, I think we have just about gotten his barking under control.
Of course, it always happens when he is about to go.
The girls will really miss him and this has made HG ask a million times when Camo is coming home.
I think he has three months left.
My adorable gap.
Baby girl will need her grill fixed.
Teeth are so important to me as well as good dental hygiene.
The husband had the same thing.
The upper labial frenum is actually connected to the bottom of her gums.
So like where ours is above our front two teeth, hers separates her front two teeth and connects to the bottom of her gums.

Can you tell how tired she really is in this picture?
She looks pretty even though she was about to fall over.
Thursday was Mrs Laura's birthday.
She had no idea her entire class knew.
I sent an email out asking for the kids to draw her  birthday card.
Then HG and I brought two dozen cupcakes and cookies.
The cookies were for parents night so that the parents got to celebrate with Mrs. Laura as well.
These ladies who teach our children, they really hold an amazing job.
They are helping shape their future and good ones should be celebrated.
Catch me  if you can.
She is such a dare devil with this thing but freaks out when she stands alone.
Maybe this will help save our  tile and white grout.
Oh my word.
She can make a mess.
Dessert at Aspen Creek.
Such a ham.
HG in her princess dress and Betty heading to dinner.
She loves her Auntie Collins SO MUCH.
Harper's cute fall and birthday dress came in.
While it looks good, it was poorly made.
There isn't snaps or anything to allow the dress to go on.
While we put it over her head, it ripped.
We weren't even pushing.
So sad about it.

Late night snack really about 7pm snack because she just had to eat dinner at 5.
Helping mommy clean the grout in our kitchen.
It is a big back hurting project.
Instead of doing all the tile in one day and not being able to move after, I will do a little area each day,
We did the main kitchen area yesterday and it took about 30 minutes.
Loving this piano.
Grocery shopping is twice as expensive when she comes.
Close up of the tear.
She sleeps!
Both girls love to mess up Daddy's messy office.
HG calls this the Aunt Tonia face.
Giving Cooks more of our hard earned money.
It isn't like they haven't gotten enough already this year.
Auntie Collins made this so of course HG will save it forever.
See there is the face again.
This area in our laundry room was a collect all, junk area.
It drove me nuts
I hate clutter unless in a play room.
I don't even open my garage door because it seriously makes me mad.
I pulled this inside and it fits nicely in that little area. 
The husband is talking me into a sink but the bathroom is next to the laundry room.
The husband landed at 8:45 last night.
He finally rolled in around 11 with Fuzzy's.
I told HG should could stay up with me until he got him.
I had no idea it would be so late.
Grapevine and their shut downs.
This was the other night.
Yes, seriously.
The weather has been so nice in the evenings.
HG likes to play in her panties.
Love hate relationship.

She is my beauty.
Said this was the best day ever as she fell asleep.

Poor HG has been battling this terrible cough.
Really bad.
It has made her throw up and pee just from coughing.
I felt so sorry for her.
I took her in last week and he said just give her cough and cold.
Well after her having cough attacks where she can't breathe and it makes her throw up, we went back in.
Dr put her on a steroid, her inhaler and turned out she had a staph infection on her bottom.
Three days later, she was still having trouble with her cough and coughing fits.
He said to give her honey.
I'm all about giving her honey but honey isn't going to help her breathe when in a coughing fit.
They were 100 times worse when playing, running, dancing, etc.
 Dr P, HG;'s Pedi in Texarkana agreed, something wasn't adding up.
She agreed that it wasn't clearing on its own like it should.
She probably did need the steroids but she also needed an antibiotic since it had been going on for five weeks.
Four weeks congested cough.
Only two days on the antibiotics, we finished day five of steroid and she is sounding SO much better!!

Harper slept through the night once this week.
8ish until 4, nursed and went back down.
So not really all night but it is all night to me.
I'll take it any day.
I have enjoyed not waking every couple of hours.

October is a week away.
This year has simply flown by.
We have three birthday parties in October, a Couples Shower in Texarkana which I am a hostess, fall festivals, the fair, Halloween, etc.
I can already tell, we are going to blink and October will be gone.

We are off to a great weekend.
Poppy is on his way over.
Collins and her friend are coming over for dinner.
We have a birthday party at The Arc.

Oh- I must add this in here.
For my memory and for your laughs.
Tuesday night, I went out to put Shiner in the big kennel.
He is quiet over night if he stays in there.
Well when I went out, I pulled the door shut so bugs wouldn't get in.
HG had been hanging on the door earlier and I think the bottom lock on the door knob but have locked.
I was locked outside.
In pj's, house shoes and with Harper.
Thankfully Harper was with me.
I spent an hour knocking, ringing the door bell, throwing balls at window and HG would not get up.
We taught her not to answer the door.
In the past she would run and open it for whom ever.
Even if she was naked.
Now, this was biting me in the butt.
Or so I thought.
She was sound asleep.
I was about to put her to sleep and ran down to put Shiner up.
HArper and I were outside for almost three hours.
I couldn't even get in my car.
Oh I was mad.
Harper slept all but a few minutes of it.
I could get into the garage for a blanket for her.
She was just in a onesie.
My ever so sweet 14 year old neighbor let me use her cell to call a locksmith.
They said 15 minutes.
15 minutes my booty.
If this ever happens, call 911 and they will send the fire department.
I live behind a fire station and I was outside for nearly 3 hours.
Lesson learned for sure.

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  1. I'm determined not to buy any candy corn this season. I love that stuff.

    Sorry about HG and the throw up and cold, etc. Poor girl. That is miserable for her and for all of you!

    Boyd has the same gap that Harper has, in his teeth.

    We went to Fuzzy's yesterday, and it was so crowded we couldn't find parking, so we left. I was bummed. I really was craving some!