Sunday, September 9, 2012

First week of school

We had a pretty decent week getting back into school mode.
I forgot a blanket or towel the first day.
You know for their 45 minute rest time. 
I'm sure HG will nap every day.

Tuesday, we spent the morning at the doctor for Harper and the afternoon for HG.
All allergies.
Night time hacking cough, allergies.
I don't think allergies are causing my baby girl to run 101.6 today, miserable, not eating and lethargic.
Nope, not allergies anymore!
HG, sure it probably is.
Harper, might have been on Tuesday still.
Harper love is miserable.
At a birthday lunch for the husband's grandmother turning 92 today, Harper threw up all down me.
At the table.
Through layers of close.
I stripped down the panties and bra in parking lot.
Classy I know.

Speaking of birthdays, last night was spent with family in SS celebrating Uncle Ricky's60th.
It was SO much fun and everyone was so pleased to pull the surprise off.
HG could live next door to her cousins, she loves them dearly.

Wednesday, we also had to visit with the plastic surgeon for Harper's eye.
It isn't exploding or crusty all the time but the pedi was concerned with the way it was running on Tuesday. 
Always something I tell you.
After the dr dilated her eyes, sure enough you could see the clog and slow flow duct.
Everything was neon under her skin. Freaky!

We're hoping we don't go back until late October.

The girls Christmas dresses also came in this week.
I went plain and monogrammed this year.
They turned out just great.
Maybe two years of wear too!

Oh, I must not forget........
We had to install a new air condition unit for upstairs outside.
Well, not us physically but financially.
Being grown ups can suck for that kind of stuff!

And speaking of air conditioners, I got to see the coils we replaced late July or so in our attic this week.
Hiding Santa gifts.
Wow, talk about A PAIN in my b

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