Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lazy weekend

We barely left the house this weekend.
That is a HUGE change for us.
Usually, we are rushing home Sunday or Monday to start our week playing catch up.
There are still loads of laundry to do and floors to be mopped....I mopped Friday night though. The girls and I played and played. I even scored a 45 minute nap today, that never happens.

The husband had a deadline on some work and worked his bottom off until Saturday evening. The girls and I played in the playroom, picked up Five guys and tried to help Chris.

Saturday, our brother and sister in law's dog, Shiner, came for a visit. He is staying with us for a week or so longer and HG already has plans of him dropping her off Tuesday at school HG is really enjoying him and Harper likes to share his bananas. He doesn't spend much time with harper but doea give out his kisses to her. Probably more along the lines of licking her face to see what vegetable is left on there. I'm really impressed with how well he tolerates the girls, his little ones are still quite young so it is a HUGE change to non stop commotion. He wants to be right in the middle of it. Today, while cleaning out my car, he jumped in and out a million times. The girls thought it was he funniest thing ever.

The picture of Harper smiling at Chris is just the cutest. She was drinking water and cheesing at him so hard during lunch. Jason Hamilton eats at our pizza inn a few times a month, I think we might go more often. :)

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  1. Oh goodness, look at her climbing those stairs!

    I love your fall decor. It's so pretty.