Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teething Necklace

Dear Lord, please let this teething necklace help.
I had to go to Kroger today and buy a bottle of wine.
Yes, it has been that bad.
I sent a friend a text today laughing that I just pulled over and stepped out of the car.
I totally did.
Another friend stopped by and made the comment you gotta do what you gotta do.
The husband hasn't been through anything like this because we lived with my dad during HG's phase.
Molars, attachment, etc.
Pray for us.
Harper might be in school next week,
And I in the funny farm.

Between screams, I started putting out fall decorations.
Made me realize, i need more Harper pictures.

My sweet thing in her ballet class today.
I spent mega bucks on new ballet and tap shoes and she wants to wear her way too small black ones.
Dreads. what is new.
In N Out with the husband and Harper on Tuesday.
Third meal in six hours.
Harper latched on. yep, good latch too. hickey kind of latch. 

18-24 months monster.

Yard art/

If you haven't met Harper then you don't know she is really into yoga.

More yard art

Pretty gal in a pretty dress.
\better than hello kitty for tomorrow.

Pretty gal.

Busted her for climbing
Kroger trip for wine.

Early but life goes one.

Wore this for two days.
Two different shoes.
Rage doll one moment and bff the next.


  1. After you texted me, I was just sitting there thinking of how I remember those days with Boyd....and even though I still want to pull my hair out...those awful teething/crying/screaming/fussy days were SO HARD. I hope the wine helped a lot.

    I love your fall decorations!

    praying for a better day today.

  2. Harper seems to be one busy girl. She looks to be a girl on the go :)
    I have heard great things about the teething necklaces!