Monday, September 3, 2012


Not sure where the name came from but all my life, I've called my grandmother GeeGee. She is just the sweetest thing in the entire world and I don't know many 90+ women who look as good as she. Many friends and family members have met her through the years and all have fallen in love. Oh goodness, everyone needs a GeeGee in their life.

She and Aunt Pam went to the trouble of preparing burgers with amazing baked beans, chips, toppings and brownies with pineapple ice cream. The punch was by far my favorite, I think I had six glasses. Oh how I just love pineapple! Both ladies are truly Angels and I am so Blessed to have people like them in my life.

I'm sure it will take her a few days to recover from all the little girls running around, grilling and the rain. My heart is so happy for hugging her neck today. I pray I will get to hug it agin on my next trip down.

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