Friday, September 28, 2012

Lots of rain!

Harper is now standing alone and taking steps.
Her first steps were in the treadmill.
Super safe I know.

HG has been working on Halloween crafts.
We spray painted pumpkins and then she wrote BOO.
Today after a dr appointment for HG (just a recheck pretty much), we stopped at the McDonald's not far from our house.
Either way you leave our house, you will pass TWO Mc Donald's.
Two in less than four miles.
This one has recently put in a new play area and HG asked a few times to go.
She wanted to sip her ice cream and play.
We were the ONLY people playing for almost a full hour and a half.
The staff came in twice to clean and sweep while we were there.
I'm sure it was a mixture of them being bored and hosting tons of play dates each week.
Both girls had a blast.
A blast I tell you.
As we were gathering our items to leave, two families came in so we stuck around a bit longer.

If you follow us on IG then you know she loves this seat.
Such a great smile while another molar and the tooth next to it burst through!
My new place mats.
Love them.
No, my kids will not ever eat off them.
Maybe a tea party.
With fake food.
Oh just a little bunny.
She really wore this for two hours today.
So funny!

Harper's hematoma she blew out.
She is still doing great, just waiting to see if indeed this was blocking her tear duct or not.

More craft times for HG.
Today I am thankful for Schools where God still exists.
We say this in the mornings and HG says it with her class mates at school.

Slowly but surely we are putting out our fall and Halloween decorations.
I hope to finish this weekend.
I don't have much left but this weekend is our only free time until Harper's Birthday weekend.

 The beaded runner, pillows and a few other things were super scores at Sam Moon today.

Tonight we celebrated fall and cooler temps with Chili soup (a meatless soup) and cornbread.

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