Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lots of rain

I think it has been raining for 24 hours straight, maybe longer.
Oh goodness we needed the rain.
Oh goodness, my yard needed mowed BEFORE the rain.
With it coming down in sheets for hours, we spent the majority of the day inside.
Our neighbors had a big party until 2 in the morning and then poor Harper kept us up after that.
And Canine teeth.
Three molars coming in at once, one already in.
Four canine teeth working their way in as well.
Teething has been nicer with the necklace but still the baby girl hurts.
She would just cry in her sleep and then toss for hours.
The husband probably managed three or four hours, I probably managed three hours of sleep.
Tonight, there is no party and the baby is asleep.
At least for now. 

Harper is also obsessed with babies.
If she sees one or hears one, she does everything in her power to see it.
On Wednesdays at dance, she gets to touch Ian.
Ian is Anna and Ben's little newborn brother.
I think this is what makes her baby crazy.
She LOVES babies.

Today we decided it would be a perfect day to make pumpkin pie play doh for party favors.
Busy Saturday next weekend so we went ahead and did it today.
Lets just say after 10 tries total, only a few make the cut.
Each batch was exactly the same.
We make play doh around our house often but today was a fail.
BIG fail.
Enough to cause tears and the husband shutting down the operation.
BIG fail.
Lets just say Pumpkin pie play doh will NOT be this years party favor.
My hands, they are burnt, stained and peeling.

The husband and I also tackled our closet.
So far we have one entire tahoe load of clothes and shoes to be donated.
Many in perfect condition.
I know we are going to take some up to the Church but if you know of a good place, let me know.
Great stuff!!

This is just the cutest Invitation.
I ordered from here and have been very pleased.
We added the first names instead of the bells or the so and so.
Fall showers, they are just the best.
Now, I just need to print and address the super cute bronze envelopes.
Hoping for a good crowd, guessing around 100 even with all the other events going on that night.

HG loves us to Crested Butte and beyond.

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  1. Sorry about the no sleep, and the playdoh!
    That is enough to send me over the edge. ;)

    Those invites are really cute.

    I'm scatterbrained right now, but do you want to meet up next week? I think the weather is going to stay nice!