Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Follow up to allergies, viruses and colds

Tuesday less than 24 hours after seeing our Pedi, Harper's ears started pussing, leaking fluid and dried blood. Those of you who are familiar with ear aches know this isn't something that happens in less 24 hours. She had probably had an ear ache for 3 or so days due to the severity when we arrived at our other Pedi's office. Her pedi we saw Monday looked in her ears and didn't say anything. Over night Tuesday, the husband tried to help clean out Harper's fluid filled ears so that she might be able to lay flat for a short nap. I spent hours walking her and holding her upright while she was crying in pain. We knew it was bad. Upon arriving to the only Pedi will use until we decide on another (luckily, we all LOVE her but being 4 hrs away isn't good), she and her nurse were very concerned at the infection growing in Harper's ear. It was so full of puss and fluid (ear infection) that she had to drain some out to even be able to see in there. Then she swabbed her ear twice to culture it. On top of that and her snotty nose, her million dollar eye is red and swollen. I'm holding my breath and praying it is just red and swollen from her ear being so infected. We definitely don't want to travel down that surgery road again. We will hear back on culture Friday and head to ENT next week to make sure it is healing. Poor girl hasn't slept well since last week, Thursday I believe, and it will probably be 3 days or so before she is able to rest for an extended period of time. Everyone we saw Wednesday was blown away at the amount of fluid running from her ear. It is NASTY, gross and sticky. She looked miserable. We currently have her on antibiotics, drops, her singular, a dose of Zyrtec 12 hours after the Singular for the next couple of days and her reflux medicine. Whew, I think that is it.

I truly hate that we are going to switch Harper on her Pedi but enough is enough. I've been saying we needed to switch for a long because she requires a doctor being proactive and not waiting around to see if her little body can fight it. Everyone knows she can't. Now, I have other adults as well as doctors telling me I need to seek someone who doesn't over look things or who just refers everything to a virus. For right now, we will keep HG at their current pediatrician and switch Harper. HG rarely needs anything besides fiber and Zyrtec so we feel that keeping her there is okay.

Happy Thursday Y'all!!!

I think our skipping school for the zoo might be canceled due to keeping Harper's ear covered.

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