Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CEC Play date

Three hour play date with HG's BFF and her family.
Breaks my heart that these two girls only have three more months at CDC.
You can see the sadness in their eyes when we talk about it.
Luckily, Tracey is from Ohio which is only a few short hours from Indy.
HG has been asking to go to CEC for months so it worked out perfectly.
The key is going early.
I think it was Harper's first time at CEC where she actually knew what was going on.
Chuck E scared her at first but then she would clap and dance.
A day in the life of Harper.
Busted lip.
You can't tell here but it is deep and also on the inside.
Poor gal.
Just walking and fell sideways.

husband earned himself a lobster tail last night. 
I think I could eat it every single night.

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  1. I love CEC early in the day, when it's empty. The last time we went I almost thought they were closed, we were the only ones there. Looks like the girls had fun!