Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

We had nice day around here, missing someone.

I love that HG came home and put most of her candy in the candy bowl. She won't eat any of it but real chocolate, thank goodness. All that sugary stuff, she thinks it will give her bugs on her teeth and make her teeth fall out during her sleep. I love it!

I had planned on heart shapes chick fil A biscuits for breakfast for the girls but heart shaped donuts called their name. I ordered two, they gave me three. He said Happy Valentine's Day, you need a donut. So sweet! I only ate half, they girls were fighting over it.

With the husband gone, we shopped for his Birthday. What do you buy a man who has everything? American Sniper, a magic worm, cake and looking for the perfect gift card....Movies! Ha. oh and lots of decorations, HG picked out ones.

I promised HG we could go to early dinner since she was really upset the husband is gone. I told her (mistakenly) that she could choose anywhere except CEC and we could go from after school until 4:30. I thought she would choose somewhere with a playground, Babe's, Rosa's, you know decent food. Nope, CiCi's it was. Cheap, she eats and Harper talks the GM into 'more more' meaning brownies. She walked up to him and said that, he laughed because he heard me say no more sweets, try pizza. She hates some textures, it causes her to choke and throw up.

Debbie sent HG the big Tex picture on FB. Hailey is a little OBESSED with him . She wants us to buy his head for or roof. Nice huh?

The girls have kept me on my toes lately.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day!
    I love the Big Tex card. So great!
    Sorry you were missing your hubby. I cooked for Kevin, he worked late, came home tired and not hungry. I tried to not let it bum me out, but it did. :(
    I love the card that Chris gave you with your flowers. Such sweet words.
    Did you buy the book American Sniper? I want to get it for Kevin.

    have a good weekend!