Monday, February 11, 2013

Little Rock and TXK

We spent a fw days Little Rock enjoying ourselves a little much.
Harper's ear infection did move to the other ear as well.
Good times.
She is biting and chewing everything in site as well.
I have bite marks all over my shoulders.
I numbed her up and felt her two year molar up top trying to move in.
We've done a little table dancing.
In the above picture she is thinking yeah, what are you going to do about this?
Lots of eating.
She loves a dog bed.
Sweet HG enjoying some US pizza and a surpreme salad.
Looking cute thanks to cousin Laura.
Road ponies.
Took over dog beds.
Kissed pigs and painted pottery.
Played for hours.
My Aunt made us this delicious meal.
Then she and mom made 8 dozen cookies.
Harper is causing more bruises biting her legs and feet.
Ouch teeth and ears.
Tastes like Babe's and has less than one gram of fat.
So much laughter with Danielle's dogs.
We played outside at Poppy's house.
Of course Harper's runny nose turned green again after.
We love to be clean.
Or swim in the tub minus the soap.
Harper asks for the Ipad.
Baby girl was not feeling well on Sunday again.
Fever, woke to throwing up, pulling on ears again.
She had to try out her old swing.
Love spending family time.
Picked up sticks and pine cones.
Harper was licking her snacks and sticking them to her.
Such a hoot!
I love my dad's yard in the spring.
I actually love it anytime.
Baby girl slept in HG's toddler bed at Poppy's.
HG acting like Bob Barker.
The name is a hoot huh?
Chewing on that one terrible, horrible and never ending eye tooth.
Harper LOVES freeze dried fruit now.
She is slowly but surely eating normal food again.
Having goldfish, raisins, diced chicken and butternut squash in the pouch.
Eating Cheerio's.
She is spoiled with the multi grain Cherrio's and would hardly eat the plain.
No fear Noah saved the day.
HG is such a wiz during her computer time.
More pony riding.
Giving the boys some excerise.
She loves this little table and saying cheese.
Copper will turn 13 on our anniversary in May.
He and Boots are best of buds and keep each other young.
Love my dad's barn.
How we rolled into town.
Harper's leaking ear infection a few days into treatment.
Still looked terrible.
The culture only grew Staph epi.
Thank goodness.
Oh Zaxby's you are terrible.
So disappointing.
I'm so sorry Raising Cane's.
Such an adorable house Mom and Scott have in Texarkana now.
Redo in the works.
This melts my heart.
Baby was at her feet when she went to sleep.
Training those ponies.
Rocking is my favorite.
You mean you don't do this on a typical Sunday?
Harper and I rode together.
She loves Texarkana and the room to roam.
See, it hapened more than once.
Cupcakes are a daily event at Mia's.
Boots is a beast.
Rock solid.
Brushes are over rated.
Little Rock is always a treat for us.
This time, we stuck close to the house since Harper had to cover her ears.
Mom, Aunt Tonia and Mr Scott spoiled us like always.
I always think of nice things I can do for them but it never seems like enough.
Same with my dad.
We spent Sunday night in Texarkana and ran wild.
In the yard that is.
Danielle cooked an amazing spaghetti sauce last night.
HG wants to move next door to them.
I'm totally sure Poppy would go for that.
Yeah Right.
Poppy might have a peeping HG much too often.
We are back home, arrived around 6.
Gearing up for a busy week.
Ash Wednesday and Lent begins.
We give up things, we do things to make us a better person and we give more during these 40 days.
I will talk more about that soon.
I'm going to be hell on wheels for a few days I assure you.
Valentine's and the husband's birthday as well.
Chris and I are both Aquarius.
HG and I will have so much fun with both events.
Her Valentine's have been fnished for weeks.
Hoping Harper gets some rest, no fever, green snot or ear infection tomorrow.
She has been suffering since the 2nd of the month.

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