Monday, February 18, 2013

Week round up

Hailey Grace got herself a new hair cut. She had mentioned it a time or two (okay every day for months) and I finally gave in. I love longer hair and curls. I love red hair on children. I finally decided that it is something she truly wanted and it would help in the mornings. She loves it. Six and a half inches. I might have shed a year or ten. It grows back right?

Harper got a bad report from ENT. Right tube is out from latest ear infection. This is something that could have been prevented if treated by our original dr we saw. We will schedule surgery for tubes and adenoids in two weeks. She is on a strong antibiotic right now and hoping it clears everything up, including her chest. Poor girl, her culture came back resistant to most all medicines. So scary. It helps explain why she has been so sickly.

The weekend is here, we can't wait on the husband to arrive home and Aunt Collins to come play. HG said she was getting the best of two things, Collins and Bella on Saturday. She worships both. Both of our girls do.

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