Sunday, February 24, 2013


It was beautiful outside so lots of chalk, bubbles and bikes.
Everyone needs a little pick me up sometimes. No worries, the cup was empty.

I'm sure our neighbors are loving us right now.
We have lived in quite a few places, sold two houses and bounced around with the husband's work.
The last two we sold, we were already living in another house when we sold them.
So the whole staging, keeping clean, while trying to keep up with two  girls on the go was never an issue.
Those of you who have sold houses while living in it know the task.
It takes a lot of effort to prepare.
Our play room for an example.....
It was over flowing with toys.
Lots of toys.
I'm talking three rows of happy meal toys in the closet in baskets.
The husband and I both roll our eyes at items like that.
Off to Goodwill they went.
The books, except for a few, all boxed.
Work bench, other large toys, easel, everything is already boxed.
It now looks like a sad little play room  an organized room with toys in baskets.
I think I had 7 large boxes full of toys.
12 loads up and down the stairs just from the playroom.

I'm doing room by room and if you follow on IG, you already know what room we are on.
The kitchen will be my last project.
Not to mention that I'm already out of boxes.
But with the kitchen, I seriously have to box up the majority of the items.
I can leave my Coffee machine and a few other daily items out.
The key is to make it clean, crisp, big and inviting.
Oh joy.

Kalli spent the night with us last night and the girls were perfect.
They played, swam in the tub, ate their hearts out, had IPad time, movie night, and even played with Harper.
When picking her up, I got to love on sweet Keller.
Oh a newborn will melt your heart in a second.
He has a head full of black spiky hair that I couldn't get over.

The husband and I had showers and bachelor parties.
Due to previous scheduling and baby sitters, I was unable to go. :(
The husband had a lot of fun and it looks like the girls did as well.

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  1. You have been BUSY! That's a lot of cleaning and storing stuff away. It looks great!