Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Lent, the penitential season of  40 days to prepare for the celebration of the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection is among us.
  I am always eager to find out what others are giving up for the Lenten season. I feel that this is very important in our belief and Church. Some people give us things or items for only the 40 days and once it is over, over indulge. The meaning means different things to different people, in different religions.  I always encourage people to go to Church, any Church and use these 40 days to make their commitment to that. Let this be a jump start to you attending.
I can't be a certain religion if I don't practice my religion. 
Our way of thinking about Lent is more  along the lines of this....
Lent is about conversion, turning our lives more completely over to Christ and his way of life. That always involves giving up sin in some form. The goal is not just to abstain from sin for the duration of Lent but to root sin out of our lives forever. Conversion means leaving behind an old way of living and acting in order to embrace new life in Christ.
We don't want to give something up or do something that in 40 days, we just go back to our old ways.
What is the point of that?
Something that I have struggled with for years, as do many others, is my love of Coke.
Plain ole Coca cola classic.
I love it.
I drink 1-2 a day always.
Every day.
365 days a year.
It has been a full 7 days and I feel amazing.
This is a habit, or sin in a way (being an unnatural substance), that I am going to give up.
I am going to beat this.
Another is the Bible.
Something that we all should be doing, reading it.
I read it to my girls but I don't read it to myself.
It is very different.
Over the next year, I will read the entire Bible to myself.
Go at my own pace, answer my questions, study it.
I will continue to read it and once finished, focus on different areas and study it.
Together, we are giving up most of our processed foods with the weekly weekend treat.
Being in the business we are in, that is very hard.
The husband, he is currently working on, pricing out and testing food for two different concepts.
Two totally different styles of food.
That is a lot of food testing and travel.
He is determined.
Instead of eating a whole plate of a test item, he will try a bite or two.
He is exercising, trying to reach is goal.
We have been eating at home a lot more and two of our meals are always unprocessed.
Some days, all three.
Now don't get me wrong, I dream about Chick Fil A, Raising Cane's and a big fat greasy cheese burger smothered in mustard.
Those are wonderful dreams I tell ya.
We can still have these things, an every once in a while treat is needed, just not on a daily basis.
I think we were eating lunch out almost daily.
Fast food and fast casual lunches.
This is something that we will carry on forever.
On the way to school this morning, sweet Harper love dumped out her entire deal of puffs.
Yes, she still adores the blueberry puffs.
We're almost down with our stash and I will try and stop buying them.
This is also the same girl who pooped in the tub.
I cleaned it spotless and all the toys while she and HG were in the shower.
Then, she pees on the tile.
She must have had pee in every inch of her body, there was so much.
She blew bubbles.
In her own pee.
Rolled all in it.
Talk about a minor freak out.
Another spray down.


Dinner in Susie the car.
The beanie is for her ears, we have to keep them covered right now to try and let heal.
17 days and counting.
She is upset over baby chickens.
She wants to raise baby chickens to play with.
Then she said she would move in with Aunt Jan.
We had been craving Mexican so I whipped up a delicious meal.
The husband had the queso, I only had a bite or two.
I tossed my items on Romaine lettuce.
With the constant wind yesterday, the park was not a good idea.
Lucky for us, a McDonald's was empty.
We played for two hours.
Kroger Market place has their roses for $5 today.
A dozen for $5.
Tons of flowers on sale.
I can walk for hours in there.
I can spent a lot in there.
Salmon and lobster for dinner tonight.
I couldn't resist.
Today was Dental Care Day at School.
I sent the husband to the dollar store for a few items.
He came back with a sack full and wants HG to learn about giving.
Anytime we give, we keep her close by with hopes she learns.
This morning, she walked over to the Outreach to give the items to people in need.
She was so proud.
It made not wanting to go to school totally worth it.
We are beyond thrilled for our good friends, Terri & Justin.
Baby Keller Ross was born yesterday.
I just love the name Keller.
He is a doll.
Congrats to you all!

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