Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day at home Tuesday

Tuesday, we celebrated Valentine's Day with the girls. They were both SO giddy.

HG had school so I prepared and grocery shopped while she was there. Half way into it, I get an email about an escaped felon and school locked down. Talk about this Momma's heart falling through her chest. Once I finally got to read the story, I seriously doubt he was really by the school in the woods. I mean anything is possible and you must take every safety precaution but I bet that guy high tailed it. Grapevine is a funky, friendly little town. People are always everywhere walking and playing. He would be hard not to notice. I love that Walmart and area it happened in. I go to that Walmart if I brave Walmart 90% of the time. So scary!!

Tonight HG had steak, kale, Mac n cheese and strawberries followed by cake and goodies. Among her gifts, a new Taylor Swift CD and Stompees were her very favorite. Harper, she loved the frog balloon. They both had been looking forward to their surprises for a while. We surprised Chris with the cologne he had been wanting . The last two years, it was on his Christmas list. We always thought it was being gifted or it would have been in his stocking. It was a nice surprise as he prepares to head out again.

Valentine's Day will continue with school parties followed by a friend visiting and the husband's birthday.

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  1. I love that rose cake, or is it a cupcake? It's pretty. I didn't realize Boyd's school would be in lockdown too, but when I went up for his party yesterday, they said they were in a soft lockdown. I know what you mean about it getting to your mama heart!