Friday, August 24, 2012


I don't think my house has been this disinfected in a long time. Cleaning and disinfecting are two entirely different things in my book. Sure, I clean daily and scrub once or twice a week. I vacuum three times a week or more because we are in the phase where Harper puts everything in her mouth. Disinfecting with Lysol and wipes usually happen once a month on toys or when sickness invades......

Today, a little before 8 this morning, my sweet HG is creeping in my room.
Mommy, I threw up and it is everywhere.
Nothing like that sentence to get you moving fast.
I picked her up, ran to her room to find her bed covered in throw up. Her floor was wet and she kept saying she threw up on the carpet and she was so sorry. Poor girl!
I drew her a warm bath as I began to clean up the disaster. Poor girl got sick a total of six times. Once she was scrubbed, her linens and pillows changed, I put her back in bed with the iPad along with some Zofran.
Throwing up around our household is nothing new. If one isn't throwing up, the other is. Nothing phases me much anymore. Today, I wanted to throw up along with HG. Each room upstairs is wiped, scrubbed, sanitized, disinfected, carpet scrubbed and cleaned and the bathrooms sparkling. If it is a stomach virus, I want to do every precaution to keep from spreading it. Kind of hard when the girls flock to each other. I was successful keeping HG in her room for quite sometime. I know bugs are bad and are SO contagious no matter what or how much I clean. I have all the laundry done, all of it except the clothes on our back. Wow, that never happens!!

It always happens on a busy weekend. We were packed for Austin tomorrow and the husband bring Camo so there is some prep work in that.

Prior to waking up today, our week had been a great week. Yesterday, we had dentist appointments followed by lunch. All of us are still cavity free and HG was treated to lunch at Red Lobster. I bet that name hasn't popped in your head in a LONG time. There is one in Irving close to my in laws an every time we drive by, she comments on how she would love to go. Grand mommy treated us all to lunch and they even got the big lobster out. While I am not a Red Lobster fan, I could eat a dozen of their biscuits. Yum! The service was terrible, just plain terrible but the company was good.

HG is sleeping and Harper just woke, so we are off to call air guy. Yes, once again!

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  1. Have fun in Austin. I'm wanting to make a quick trip down there again, for some of my favorite restaurants. :))

    I hope HG is better today. I know what you mean about disinfecting, and I always seem to think about it too late. We keep that Lysol handy though!