Monday, August 6, 2012

It is HOT!

Just when the staying up far too late watching the Olympics and eating too many midnight pbj's ends, Shark week begins. I guess when I am up with my never sleeping baby girl, I will be joined by HG and the husband next week. That NEVER happens, eh I guess I wouldn't want HG up.

As we went into the weekend, we were enjoying the company of my brother and dad. HG enjoys any chance she can to spend time with Uncle John. Maybe one day we all will live closer. Poppy was super sweet to HG while in town and even braved Build a Bear. Okay, maybe we didn't give him a choice and just kind of walked in. I had been promising her we would go and since we never go to a mall, she wasn't taking no for an answer. HG now has a pink bear named Betty.

We had a nice, sweltering weekend. The husband has been waking at 5:45 and heading to train with our lab about 90 miles northbound. Hunting season is a few short weeks away and our six cup a day of dog food dog needs to be worked. Six cups a day and he finally gained a pound last week after starting some stuff to help settle his tiny belly. Well, maybe NOT so tiny.

Sunday we celebrated Grandad's birthday at TXRH. HG loves that place and she loved on Uncle Mark the entire time. Leaning, climbing, putting crumbs on him, using his napkin, etc. Thanks Uncle Mark for the patience, HG loves you! Sweet Harper slept until the end of us eating lunch. I was SO worried about her leading up to lunch. She was in rare form and was hours beyond a nap. Oh goodness was I worried! I think the prayers worked and maybe Tylenol, teething tablets and teething gel.

She is fighting those teeth. Five are in good, two coming through right now where you can feel the ridges and another 'hole' is starting. My girls always have these little 'holes' as we call them before the tooth comes through shortly. That is EIGHT teeth. Goodness! HG got her first two at 9 1/2 months. Oh my poor nipples. :) yes, still nursing. She really isn't nursing much anymore so I can make it a bit longer if she doesn't bite it off.

Jeans. Jeans in hot weather just are miserable. Plain miserable. The girls are been living in their panties with the heat. I had try on a few pair and still could not find my favorite ones. Oh well, I'm sure I'll survive.

Our house is clean (doubt that will last more than five minutes in the morning), laundry is done, bags are ready and we are ready for some fun tomorrow.

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  1. Have a GREAT trip. Eat some yummy food! I blogged about the places we love there. Enjoy your time away. We miss you guys!