Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What a day

My faith has really been challenged today. I seriously can not understand how a precious and sweet baby can endure so much. Harper has been through so much in her short life. It was a walk in the park the first two months and then something constantly since. I know she is strong and will be okay but you finally get to the point and wonder when this poor innocent child will be healthy and healed. I don't think her feet will ever touch the ground again.

Our morning started off with zero sleep. Zip, nada, zero. She wanted to nurse so bad that at 4:30, we were in bath and getting dressed. After a load of laundry, we were out the door at 5. the ride put her to sleep in no time and it allowed me to find Texas Pediatric Surgery Center and still make a run to Starbuck's before our arrival time. By 6, we were checked in an wheeled to prep Miss Harper. The surgery started promptly at 6:30 and we had planned on a short surgery. Thirty or forty five minutes later, they finally come get me. She is screaming from not sleeping off the general an the doctor looked as if he was going to cry. My heart sank and a million what ifs ran through my mind in a split second. The one thing he was about to tell me, never once ran through my mind. Not one single time. He is the best around and I knew immediately something was wrong. The stint, yeah it did not work. He couldn't get it in her tear duct. Since she was asleep, he tried really hard. The entire OR was baffled in their words. Harper's tear duct doesn't flow like it is supposed to and it much too narrow right now. He went a head and probed it really well and cleaned everything out. The probe, that is what we had been trying the past two months without much success. We were told not to loose faith and maybe it will work this time. So, our next step is a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks followed by a plastic surgeon visit in the same office. Girl will be stronger than life soon.
While they were working on her, thy had a hard time putting a tube in because her tonsils were extremely enlarged. Great. They recommended I head over to our Pedi as soon as I could get an appointment. Sure enough, her tonsils are huge. They were a little red but nothing alarming like strep. What was alarming was the size. He decided to do a round of antibiotics and get rechecked soon. If her tonsils don't go down, we will have to figure out why they are so enlarged. Poor gal!! She was so lethargic at the Ped's office and everyone was so worried about her. Their usual voicing, flipping, squealing Harper had never been this quiet. Or still.
As our day came to and end, a early end, Harper had fallen asleep on my shoulder. It was bath time so I started the bath, put her on my bed and turned to HG to strip her down for the bath. BOOOOOOOM! Next to my leg, Harper is face down on the floor. She feel off our bed that is taller than my waist. HG and I were inches away. Harper moved so fast. She is the queen of climbing on and off things and falling. Never would I rush her to ER for falling off a bed. Babies are tough. Tonight was different. Her scream was different, blood was everywhere, every freaking where. Ten she started throwing up and having runny diapers. I had a wash cloth in her mouth collecting blood. Yep, HG and I freaked. We were in panic mode. I managed to get HG dressed, not sure how but she was fully clothed and wearing shoes. I even grabbed a bag, dumped it out and dumped toys in it. All while Harper was throwing up and bleeding all over me. I sent a few texts saying we were headed to Southlake Cooks Children's Urgent Care. They pushed us right through but said we needed to head to Cook's downtown for a CT Scan and wanted to transport us by ambulance. Yes, really. While I assured them I would take her to Cook's, I also said that I was going to take HG somewhere. A ER is no place for a sleepy four year old. Thank goodness the Bells were home, I was able to wheel her by there. They have been life savers this week!! So now, we sit here in ER and waiting on results. If you haven't been to a Children's ER, you won't fully get the picture. It is a ZOO! Luckily, we were greater at the door and wheeled right back. They have been great tonight but people and kids are everywhere including germs. Last time, it was over 3 hours before we were even taken back. I am SO thankful we were wheeled right back tonight. I have seen kids come and go waiting on Dr'a decision. I am guessing she will have a busted face for a bit. Her little nose is red, swollen and has quite the mark. Bruising from the fall, swelling from surgery and fall and her upper lip is puffy. They decided not to stitch the inside with her being only 9 months. That is where the majority of the blood probably came from. The throwing up like a wild woman is hopefully from the surgery, the general and the fall just stirred it up. Her belly has been upset often and after surgery it was again.

WELL, CT scan looks great so minor head injury and busted face and lip.

I hope we head home and get some sleep tonight :)


  1. bless her heart! and yours! My heart is aching for you- God doesn't give you more than you can handle- things will all be ok- but I'll keep you guys in my prayer. I know it's so tough to see your sweet angel go through everything. But you're right- she is going to be one tough cookie once everything is done. Love you guys!

  2. I saw this post and for sure thought I commented, but I know I've chatted with you on text and IG. I am just so sorry! This is a lot for your baby to go through, and for your mama heart to deal with! Sending you lots and lots of love and hugs.

    I hope you get to enjoy your vacation. The weather and the food and the sights will be perfect. Have fun!