Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good report

Harper got a good report today from the eye doctor. While her eye isn't healed, it is doing better than it ever has. This is such good news for her! He felt so positive about it that we aren't scheduled again until end of October unless it starts acting up. This is HUGE in our books. Today was supposed the start of the plastic surgeon work it was a very welcoming surprise. I think the doctor was beside himself as well. Harper, she was just waving and blowing kisses to everyone.

Before the doctor, we had a play date down in Haltom City at a bounce house place. The Company was great, place was small and staff was rude. We will stick to the places in Keller and Southlake I believe. HG was starving, Harper was screaming and bad mom did not pack a lunch. To make it better, I told HG to pick. It is Taco Tuesday and she looks forward to it each week.
Me: Hailey Grace, where would you like to eat? We can go anywhere but remember it is Tuesday.
HG: I want the Bell place. You know what I am talking about.
Me: Gross, taco bell?
Hg: Yep, that is the place!
Me: are you smoking crack? ( it just came out faster than I could stop it!!!) why on earth do you want taco bell silly?
HG: crack, what is crack? Like my booty crack? Why would you say I was smoking my booty crack mom? That is just plain silly. Do people smoke their booty crack?
Me : I'm sorry, I said the wrong word. No on smokes their booty crack. Taco Bell it is!
HG: cheering in background.

Yep, worlds worst mother. Ever. It is hard not to laugh though.

Next up was cupcakes. I may or may not have had mine and HG's. They were simply amazing.

Both girls are down and I am pouring a glass of wine. Today would have been perfect weather minus the rain.


  1. SO glad to hear Harper's eyes are doing better!! What a good sign :)

    And I'm cracking up about "crack"!

  2. Praise the Lord about Harper's eye, and the good news. I'm so happy for you!

    Funny about Taco Bell, and what HG said. We had Taco Casa. I've almost sworn off Taco Bell, but Boyd loves it just like HG. ha.

    Cute pictures!


  3. Hey, I'm with HG! Sometimes, the bell place is just the place to go! And smoking booty crack IS silly! ;)