Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We're loaded up and headed back to Texas. Tears might have been shed as we pulled out of beautiful CB.

Mr Bear was back last night. He hit our house an the neighbors but tool why he wanted and darted off. He was probably listening to us.

CB is such a beautiful place and growing like wildflowers. We are eager to get home but sad at the same time. Traveling for 13 days is long! Of course our lives are never slowed, we arrive home an hit the ground running. Louisville, Dentist appointments, eye doctor, plastic surgeon, play date with friends, a quick trip to Austin, the lot goes on. Lucky for me, we only have one bag of dirty clothes arriving home with us. I managed to wash clothes a few times to help save some sanity.

While playing on vacation, I managed to order the girls Christmas dresses. I am going plain this year, monogrammed in red and green. Yes, they are matching and coordinating of course. I also scored some super cute Christmas gifts from one of my favorite stores for little ones in our families. Too cute for words adorable! Can you believe I am even thinking Christmas time? I like to be done early. Have you ever tried to take two kids to the stores during the Holiday season with all those pissy people?? You would think because it is Christmas time that people would be nice and sweet.

Our drive, 14-15 hours straight. We are stopping over night for Harper's sake. And my tailbone's sake. Still can't sit. Seriously, kills me to sit. We are not even an hour into the trip and I have shooting pains everywhere. Hopefully the Advil will help.

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