Thursday, August 9, 2012

Santa Fe part 2

While we sit at a gas station, a few cars deep I happily get to post the last of our Santa Fe pictures. Amazing what ten cents cheaper gas will pull in. Posting from my cell has the pictures in wild orders.

Yesterday, we visited the local Santa Fe Plaza where it was lined with shops, live music and historical places. Harper was loving every minute of the attention. HG, all she cared about was food and getting a surprise.

After she could handle no more, both girls crashed as we drove to Santa Fe ski area. I was surprised at how small it was but I guess it serves it's purpose. Lots of campers and Aspen trees along the way only to find out the ski area is closed. So much for hiking or letting the girls run wild. The temps were amazing though. So cool and crisp, made me ready for college football.

At last, we headed to the pool. The kiddie splash park water was about 30 degrees too cold. The pool, still on the frigid side was a littler warmer. Harper lasted about 15 minutes and we were wrapping her in towels to warm her up. Thank goodness for a warm inside pool where we were able to spend an hour swimming. HG was a little fish racing us and Harper was splashing around laughing. I managed to snag 10 minutes relaxing my ever so painful tail bone in the hot tub. No idea what I did or how I did it. I will say it feels like I just had a c section, the pain level. I can't bend down and it is messing with a nerve back there. Good times! Ha.

While we had planned on heading back to town for dinner, we were wiped out. Harper is STILL not sleeping, teeth and stuffiness I guess, so we opted to stay at the resort. With many places to choose from, we scored 1/2 price buffet dinners and the girls were free. While we really wanted a nice dinner, we headed to the buffet. Much to our surprise, the girls ate many plates of food and desserts. The food was fantastic! Lots of green chili Santa Fe food with pork loin, kid friendly and Chinese mixed in the mix. We all loved this mocha chocolate cake for dessert, so yummy! With dinner being such a hit, we headed back for breakfast with discounted meals again. Lots of green chilies once again!
As all fun and exciting trips come to an end, we are headed out of Santa Fe. This is a place we will come back and visit for sure. The husband and I are already working on our list for our return. Taos, Carlsbad Caverns an Roswell to name a few. I mean who wouldn't like to see a UFO or an alien?

Our next vacation stop is a few hours away, one HG has been counting down the days for months.

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