Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last day of Summer

Today is our official last day of Summer.
While I love the lazy days of Summer, I am equally as glad it is over.
Long days can cause for bored, sleepy, cranky, fit throwing, hyped up kids.
I actually think that HG has had all those symptoms today alone.
The husband and I were both about to pull our hair out today.
Two hour nap later, she was the sweetest most precious kid ever.

Tomorrow is our Get Acquainted Day at School.
This is where the kids meet their teachers, see their class rooms and get to spend time there before spending a whole day.
I think this is nice even though I would love to drop her off for a full five hours tomorrow  because not all kids adjust well.
HG has gone through 10 outfits today and decided on one I wasn't too supportive of.
It is Minnie Mouse.
Yes, for real.
The teachers have called her Fashion Queen more than once so I guess we will survive.
Harper love had a doctor appointment on Monday.
Girl has not gained an ounce in two months, she has actually lost a bit.
She is never still but is still the puking Queen.
Yes, both my girls like to hurl.
We might be switching up her reflux medicine.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon at Lake Grapevine with our good friends.
Thee girls are too silly
Fun ntimes at bounce house with friends today and lunch after.
We love spending time with fun friends!
Monday night, we headed out while the Bells watched the girls.
Reservations at Del Frisco's with the Deckers followed by relaxing on the patio at Flying Saucer.
I love that they are located where 8.0's used to be.
I may or may not have asked about mosquito's a million times. 

This is at their doctors office.
HG loves it so much!

Girl love Sonic and loves Sonic girls on roller skates.
No trip to Cabela's is complete without shooting.
A friend of mine went Christmas Shopping last week and picked up a few items for me.
I loved that she thought of me!
Today, I was able to sneak away for 30 minutes with the baby and picked up a few more things.
Yes, a few days before Labor Day, I am Christmas Shopping.
We have such a busy fall.
And I do like spreading it out over a few months so I am not forking over tons in December.
I actually started in Crested Butte at one of my favorite shops ever, Lavish.
They carry so much MudPie, I can't see straight.
Babies and Toddlers are just the cutest in Mud Pie.

Wish us luck that we have no tears and make school tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck today at school!

    We had lots of fun yesterday. Thanks again for playing with us. I'm glad you liked Del Taco too. It's becoming one of our favorites.

    We're so thankful for friends like you guys!

    I laughed out loud at your comment on my blog about HG wanting ice cream too, and then you telling her, well do you want a shot? :))