Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get Acquainted Day

This morning, we had Meet the Teacher or Get Aquainted Day.
HG did not want to wake up this morning.
At all.
But once she was up, she was super excited.
After trying on what seemed like a million outfits yesterday, she decided on this lovely thing all by herself.
Yes, that is Minnie Mouse on her shirt.
She was so proud so I sadly hung up her perfect smocked dress with crayons on it.
It was so perfect for back to school.
Don't worry, her outfit for Tuesday is pieced together and ready to be worn.
She is too funny.

Many of her school friends are back in her class again this year.
She has a main teacher and an assistant.
Her assistant, I love.
Mrs. Judy, she was one of her teachers in the young 2's.
Her teacher, Mrs. Laura called HG the fashion queen.
Her classroom is upstairs this year.
In the previous two years, she has been looking forward to that.

Harper was in no mood for school today.
She was into everything, fit throwing and late for her nap.
Made me a little sad to think that next year, she will be in the Young 2's.
Only a little sad with her fits today.

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