Saturday, September 24, 2011


We had a fantastic day around here.

Chris headed to meet HG and mom yesterday and brought my baby HOME.

Such a wonderful feeling the first time I laid eyes on her.

I m seriously and sick over her leaving again.

Heading back to East Texas for the work week.

We just don't have the support we need here with Chris working and me up here.

Many friends have offered to help but it is hard juggling his schedule.

And we feel bad having to rely on them.

But....after this week, I am most likely get a sitter to help out if I am not out.

I just can't be without her.

A few pictures from our exciting family time. The hubby too her to Target.

Her favorite store.
He probably understands why we spend so much money in there now.

I know she got a lunchable pizza, she is eating it here.

And lofthouse cookies.

Nothing like snow angels after a nice scrubbing and getting your hair done.

On the dirty hospital floor.

Wore her Tangled outfit up here Friday evening.

Harper got her a Fresh Beat Band Tshirt.

And a Jessie brush.

Her adorable dress isn't in yet.

My super sweet friend Kristen surprised me with this yesterday.

I have been talking about wanting a Scentsy forever.

I mean forever.

It was all HG and I could do but jump up and down.

She might have been just as excited as I was.

Thank you thank you thank you!

My hospital room smells like Fall.

I love it!

Tangled in her dance outfit in my bed.

Cutting those eyes at Momma.

Stole Daddy's chair.

A cup of ice.


We might have been just a little loud today.

I have seen it on tv.

Let me tell you, it is GOOD.

Made with whole milk and rich.

I just had a sip but HG finished it in a matter of seconds.

Who says we all can't bathe at the hospital?

Attitude Friday before heading to meet Daddy.



Fresh Beat Band t shirt.


Perfect evening with the parents.

Lets not forget Poppy, Kristen and Mrs. Debbie stopping by.

Or Chick Fil A.

Or brownies.

Or LOTS of football.

Or movies.

Or stalking on FB (HG was!).

Like I said, a wonderful day.

It flew by.

I as smiling from the moment I woke up.

I'm a little sad right now because I am laying in this bed alone.

I know HG and the hubby are snuggling.

Wish I was there.

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