Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday ramblings continued.....

You tube with my mini me.

Sugarland, Taylor Swift and Strawberry Shortcake.

Along with cuddling makes a happy mommy.

She is obsessed with Sugarland and Taylor Swift.

I think the husband almost hit the floor with her singing this afternoon.

He really had no idea she know it word for word.

My super sweet brother in law and his even sweeter girl friend stopped by today.

HG is constantly asking about Miss Amanda so it was a very nice surprise for her.

She always talks about her plans and what they are going to do when Miss Amanda is in town.

So sweet!

Looks like Dr. Hailey Grace right?

Wrong, she is Dr. Porter.

Oh how she loves that woman.

We have been eating our weight in sweets.

Yesterday, 2 lemon ice box pies, 2 creme brulee and a brownie.

Today, lemon poppy seed cupcake and krispie creme donuts.

Yes, I love that Chris is seeing how HG is on a daily basis today.

Mia, Aunt Tonia and Auntie Collins wrangled her until they left this morning.

I bet they both sleep very well today.

Hopefully, they are both napping now.

HG has had a big and fun weekend.

The monitors are off as well.

I still get them put on once in the morning and once at night.

As long as baby H is cooperating, they only stay on 30 minutes.

If you notice the picture on the left, the top line has a few missing lines.

She wasn't letting us register her heart rate and there were quite a few dips.

The lower the fluid, the more dips expected.

31 weeks even.

Finally got IV off, still have it in for just incase.

Got to put on my lounge clothes.

I feel like a new person.

Or would if that toddler in th next room visiting hadn't been crying since arriving.

I'm talking 90+ minutes.

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