Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Soccer at the park after breakfast with Mrs. Debbie.

On what would have been Lindsey's 23rd birthday.

Sweet girl, we miss your bubbly spirit and your laughter.

HG is quite the soccer player.

Wow, she can kick that ball.

Probably those big boats we call feet.

I have the same issue too.

Loving on Momma and Harper.I packed two preemie outfits in my hospital bag.
I pray that the only use they get are for baby dolls.
But when your Specialist tells you it is smart to pick a few up.....
You do it.

Ice cream sandwiches
First Fall craft.

Dollar Tree Styrofoam pumpkin.

Dollar Tree flowers.

So fun enjoying a craft with the little one.

It might be all flowers now thanks to the little one.

Heading to school Thursday morning.

Purple sketchers are a must.
Sugarland and Taylor Swift on You tube.

What happened to all the kid songs?

Taco Tuesday

Pepper taco.

Yes, you heard that right.

I gave in and had a Pumpkin Spice Latte.



No Whip.

My craving that kept me up all night.

Totally wasn't as yummy as I remembered.

Such a bummer. School Tuesday morning.

Refuses pictures.

Mommy's little school girl.

Addicted to green beans or "beans" lately.

Daddy's money is now HG's money.

Boy, have you ever felt a FULL piggy bank.

Don't drop it on your toe!

We need lots of prayers in the morning.

My bi-weekly BBP and NST.

Praying my fluid levels are the same.

We are 95% prepared if not.

I know God won't give us something we can't handle.

It is all in his hands.

I was lucky enough to have breakfast with Toni this morning.

She has been a life saver this pregnancy.

I love good friends.

Poppy came by this evening.

He had a meeting at DFW this afternoon.

HG was so excited to see him twice in one week.

Oh how she wanted to go back to Texarkana with him.

Soon enough my love, you will go for a visit.

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