Friday, September 16, 2011

Holding Strong

Oh how I miss my Angel girl.
Oh goodness it hurts my heart I miss her so much.
I know she is in very good hands.
I know she is being spoiled like you wouldn't believe.
Here, trying to get Aunt Collins to let her scoot around Mia's house.
Ehhhh, maybe down the hall way.
Check out her new shiny silver TOMS.
I doubt they will ever come off her feet.
They are like ballet shoes.

By the Grace of God and all the prayers, Harper Elizabeth didn't come today.

My scan came much earlier than expected.

Like I was DONE by 6:30 in the morning.

Talk about early.

My fluid up up.

Praise the Lord.

Still not out of the woods but higher.

Looks like Mr IV is doing his job once again.

While I'm thrilled to death that my fluid is up, I am worried about when.

When I say when, I mean when will it drop.

Maybe next Thursday.

Maybe by Monday.

Maybe as soon as they take out IV.

These are all things we have to wait for.

Risks we have to take.

Being rushed into surgery.

Being hooked to the monitors 24 hours a day.

Blisters on the belly from the monitors.

But each day, each hour in my belly she is growing.

TWO meals at eat meal.

Tons of sweets and treats in between.

I'm eating well over 100-150 grams of fat a day.

No telling how many calories.

Oh goodness no telling.

Some things are better just left unknown.

Anything to make this baby girl gain some weight though.

I will admit that I am looking forward to a normal meal.

One meal per meal and snacks.

A good example is breakfast.

Cereal, yogurt, a cup of fruit a bagel w/cream cheese provided by the hospital.

The husband brought me chicken minis and hash browns.

Yep, inhaled it all.

I also had 7 cookies and apple cobbler today.

This baby HAS to be gaining weight right?

I wonder why my belly constantly hurts.

Miss Piper is just too cute!

I have to pull out some pictures of my brother and compare them.

Why do little girls look like their daddy?

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