Monday, September 19, 2011

Hospital update

Miss Harper and I are still kicking along.

We're surprising everyone that we come in contact with.

The doctors are very happy.

I'm thrilled.

Tonight is night 11.


Goodness, I miss Hailey Grace so bad.

Almost like eating a hole in my heart I miss her so much.

I know one day she will understand.

I will be getting another steroid shot this week.

Possibly tomorrow.

Possibly Wednesday.

Fluid is still maintaining above a 5.

She looks good on ultrasound.

Doesn't pass her NST (non stress test) easily.

Like tons of juice, stimulation, bouncing on the belly.

Usually takes 90+ minutes.

Should be a quick 20 or so minute test as often as I do them.

I have been lucky with my visitors.

Each one brightens my spirit so much.

Days are long.

Nights are even longer when you can't sleep.

Tears usually consume my night if no sleep.

So thank you to each of you who call, text or come visit.

Even a little hi can perk a person up.

My little brother was in town from LA last week.

He picked out a super cute necklace for me.

All on his own.


Well... Molly helped him pick the exact one but it was all his idea.

I love it!!

If you haven't been to Gypsy Wagon in Dallas, be sure to stop by.

Such a cute place.

What I looked like most of the day.

There are two monitors on the straps.

I have blisters from the monitors.

32 weeks.

4 pounds 5 ounces

BEAUTIFUL flowers from family and friends.

My brother in law and sister in law.

My other brother in law and his girl friend.

My mom's best friend and her daughter.

Thank you, they smell amazing and are stunning.

My baby girl IS having fun but I miss her so much.

My friend Nicolle, brought me this amazing cupcake.

Red Velvet.

I took small bites.

Made it last longer.

Enjoying tons of pizza and season shows with the husband.

Burger and fries.

Then pizza.


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