Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, we have made day 18.
Eighteen days longer than they thought we would.
I had hopes of going home today for a night or two.
My doctor seems to think we will deliver this week.
The nurse today highly disagrees.
Glad she went out over night and got her Medical Degree.
This is the third one (of of like 20) that disagrees with something 100% and let it be known.
First, it was my Lovenox.
Two nurses.
Two different days.
They wanted me on Heparin twice daily.
Not Lovenox.
Why change something that is working?
I mean really?
They know best?
Not buying it.
Definitely not buying it when the nurses are the first to shove medicine down me.
Any ache or pain, they want me to take something.
Any cramp or contraction.
Goodness, you need some pain medicine.
No thank you!

So it has been an aggravating day.
My night nurses are the best.
So sweet.
Some of the day ones too.
Some think they know more than the doctor.
I have been biting my tongue for 18 days.
I think I will mention it to my doctor in the morning.

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  1. I hope today has been less aggravating for you. I can imagine that you are just ready to get out of there. I'm so happy that Harper has continued to grow, and to stay put for now. What an amazing blessing. hugs!