Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Day 3

Leg compressions.

These help to prevent blood clots.

Being in a hospital bed, laying down and going stir crazy can apparently lead to clots.

Totally joking of course, I think that is common knowledge.

That is always the main concern for me if I ever had to go on full bed rest.

Sounds like that won't ever happen.

I was checked and in a room by 9 Friday morning.

It was your typical big delivery room.

The bed was a large thick plastic bed that could easily be cleaned for the next delivery.

I do like that the walls are thick.

Very quiet.

Until someone delivers with out an epidural.

Yesterday evening around 6:30, I was moved into an antipartum room.

These are typically for patients, pregnant of course, who aren't exactly going home yet.

BUT...I'm busting this place.

Mom aka Mia, Aunt Tonia and Collins came to our rescue on Friday shortly after I had been admitted.

The husband had to work on Friday evening.

Last night after they had a late dinner he was asking if she was going to stay with him.

No way, I'm staying with Mia.

She loves her some hotel, hotel, Holiday Inn even if it is the Hampton.

She is going to be devastated to see them so.

Like pity party all day long.

They all keep trying to take her.

My dad wants to drive from Houston to pick her up.

I really appreciate all the offers but my baby girl is staying put.

I'll send her, a bag is packed and ready for Miss Thang.

Just not today.

I'm not delivering today.

Praying for next Monday at the earliest.

I'll be 32 weeks.

Still tiny but closer to 4 pounds.

I can't imagine spending much time with out either baby.

I get teary eyed when I think about her going again for a week.

I Am now on IV fluid bag 8 I believe.


That is a butt load of fluid.

Some day sometime I am supposed to get off to see if I can hold in fluids on my own

Goodness, surely I can.

I can't remain here for WEEKS.

Harper is doing pretty good.

She seems to have the lazy baby issue when they want her to do something.

HG was the same way.

Plus, after my 4 pieces of pie and a massive brownie yesterday, she was up most of the night.

I apparently slept through it thanks to my first magic pill.

11:45-5 when I needed more fluid.

Much better than the 3:30-6 the night before.

Poor husband sat up here with me most of yesterday.

He was going stir crazy.

Now he knows how I felt all alone on Friday.

That is all we have to report for now.

Fluid was a 5 when we arrived.

Yesterday it was up to 8.5.

Wish it would get to a 10-12 but I'll take what I can get.

I'm just terrified that without the iv's my levels won't stay up.

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  1. I'm glad things are improving. I hope today is really great for you, and that you are able to go home soon! :)