Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We had a pretty good day around here yesterday.
Debbie and JoAnne came to visit and brought some goodies.
Lynn brought HG by with some goodies after school.
The husband and HG came after dinner for a visit.

We've been doing a lot of this while sitting around.
Funny how when I do absolutely nothing, all I can think about is food.
Where I want to go eat, what I want to eat.
It is a never ending battle.
The little one had a bubble bath in my hospital room last night.
Poor thing DID NOT want to leave.
I promise I will close my eyes and sleep mommy.
I so wish you could baby.
I miss you more than you will ever know.
Being here is SO hard.
Much harder than anyone could ever imagine unless you have been here.
She is my baby.
She needs me.
I can't go.
Talk about a kick in the gut.

Cristin, Joey and Tyler sent me these yesterday.
Wow, what an amazing experience.
I can't get over how amazing each piece tasted.
HG had never seen anything like this.
She just kept staring and saying oh my goodness, oh my goodness.
Thank you Boatrights, we miss you dearly!

Why do hospitals always server turkey?
I know it is almost fall but I bet they served this in May.

Trying to snap a picture of my lovely arm.

Each nurse has commented on how bad it looked.

Ghee thanks.

Hopefully no more blood draws.

Or at least from people who can't see around their belly into your arm.


Sill no change on our end.

Harper had a difficult time passing her NST last night.

What normally takes 30 minutes or so took MUCH longer.

Oh much longer.

She just wasn't cooperating.

She HAS to cooperate to get off the monitor.

We needed a few rises in her hear rate rather than all dips.

Wake up and dance baby.

Doesn't she know this by now?

I am on the list to be re scanned early in the morning.

I'm excited, nervous, scared and anxious.

I want my fluids at a level where I can get out.

But yet I want them high enough for baby Harper.

The waiting game is the pits I tell ya.

My family is coming to the rescue today like always.

Thank you!!

Poppy and Uncle Ryan will be there this afternoon.

Poppy is taking HG back to Mia's house for a few days until we know what will happen.

She needs a motherly touch.

She needs someone who doesn't flip at typical 3 year old behavior.

She is such an easy kid, so dang funny.

She needs love and hugs.

Oh and Bella she'll tell you.



Dr. G's partner just came in to see me.

Dr G is out in Keller the rest of the week.

Dr. K was here all weekend and is super nice.

Doesn't sound like I will get out tomorrow unless my fluid is much higher.

Talk about explosion with tears.

He said we will talk about going home on Monday for a trial run.

Or they will keep me here for a couple more weeks and then deliver.

I can't explain my emotions right now.

What just kills me the most is that I can do the exact same thing at home that I can do here.

Laying in bed, eating, watching tv.

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