Monday, December 10, 2012

A dusting of snow

I must say I did not believe there would be a dusting anywhere in the area.
This picture was taken around 8:20 looking outside.
Apparently my area was a little neglected compared to others.
Either way, it was super cold this morning when I walked outside.
Amazing how 28 in Texas and 0 in Colorado can be very comparable.

Oh my burns.
Learning a curling wand.
Dang it, that sucker is hard to do on your own hair.

Harper and her first bite.
Praying the last.
We are doing the whole non spanking thing right now with HG. 
It works so much better or has been lately.
Harper pulled her hair and hit her, HG took a bite out of Harper.
Hg was punished and missed a play date.
Harper, well she was just preparing that cheek to match the carpet burn she did to her self tonight.
Girl loves the dryer.
Cristin, Joey and Tyler sent this to Harper for her birthday.
Both girls ride like this.
Gingerbread houses are a blast.
This one was from Trader Joe's and was a little different than others we have done.
I love a pretty Christmas Tree
Yes, she was REALLY peeing right now.
See, the carpet burn.
Yep, that is because she can't run gracefully yet.
Sorry baby,

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