Monday, December 17, 2012


We all woke this morning refreshed. Harper went down by 7 last night and stirred around 12:30 but didn't wake until 6:15. I had to look at two clocks to believe it was 6:15. Naturally, I grabbed her and we headed down stairs to milk and to keep quiet for a few hours. Rather than pulling out toys, I decided to cuddle back upstairs in my bed with her. Next thing we knew, it was 7:45 and the sun was up! Getting up before dawn is for the birds. I felt a ton better, Harper did as well. Poor HG woke to stuffiness, hopefully nothing a little allergy and cold medicine can cure. We have a super busy week.

The weather is so pretty that we spent a little time watching the boys across the street skate board. Or I think it actually might be a long board but who am I to tell? Both girls have grown to love watching the boys and they are so sweet to them. I just sat back and enjoyed the warmth and vitamin D.

The husband and I have been looking for a k cup holder for some time now. We knew we didn't want anything to large or bulky but we wanted enough room to keep quite a few so weren't always refilling. He and I had both been looking at different options on Amazon and various other websites. Lucky for us, while we were at Sam's picking up a lamp, we found one for around $10. It works out perfectly for us. The husband moved it around to where it worked well and looked nice on the counter. Over crowded counters and constantly having to move stuff around is never good. With the added inches, he found a spot where we wouldn't have to move it each morning when we wanted to insert a K cup. The floor lamp, which was 75 or so pounds, looks just as good as we had hoped. He needed a little extra light in the office since we didn't want to drop in a ceiling light. Works out perfectly and will be a nice accessory. Notice the print on the wall next to the lamp. It is pretty even for you non Aggies.

HG tried some fudge at Sam's and lucky for me, the husband told her I made great fudge. So what did we do this afternoon? You got it, we made fudge. Both girls helped. Harper shoved anything in her mouth she could before I could take it away. HG is always quite the little chef and mixed it nicely together. Patience isn't something that four years old have when you have to let it chill for hours. I think she touched it 10 times in the first 30 minutes. Even grilled chicken and asparagus only took her mind off it for a second. Both girls enjoyed the cleaning of the bowl and spoon but who doesn't love that part.

I seriously can't believe it is Christmas. I mean I do have all my shopping done for all the millions we have to buy for but still.... Maybe it is the weather or the news or work, I'm not sure. I'm looking forward to this next week and praying everyone stays safe, healthy and Blessed.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. I love Nicolle and agree, she is an angel and I am so lucky to know her and call her friend. I love the look of your coffee maker...and how sweet are those brownie cheeks! Merry Christmas to you all!