Wednesday, December 19, 2012


What a day!
So much to blog about.
So little time.
We left ENT, headed to CVS for two scripts, waited in line 45 minutes and then told it would be another 30-45 minutes. Hello, I just waited with a four year old and a one year old, in line for what seemed like ages. Ugh. McDonalds is next door and I needed a rolo mcflurry stat and if I heard one more whine from the back seat, my head my have spun in circles. Harper was a asleep. So a happy meal and ice cream, we were happy campers.
As we came in the house, hG and I were standing in from of the stove looking at teacher gifts and Harper headed our way. She is walking, has been for a bit now so no rushing to her walking anymore. Well, she lost her balance and hit the corner of HG's step stool. I'm talking smack dab in the eye lid, barely missing her eye. She has her mommas grace for sure, poor kid. I took one look and instantly knew she needed stitches. How, I'm not sure . I always wondered if I would know when the time happened if it ever did. It was instant and very calm. I blotted her fce and 'ooze', told hG to get me a diaper and put her shoes on. Harper was screaming but I managed to clam her much quicker than I thought. My nature was very calm and kids are quick to read our body language. Off to the greatest urgent pedi care just down the street. I am so thankful I found them by chance two weeks ago. Sure enough, two stitches but no way would Harper let that happen on her eye. I mean could you imagine stitches in your eye anyway?? It was too deep to just let go and the sweetest nurse cleaned it and the ooze kept coming . Thankful for Dermabond, the surgical glue. I asked for this after my surgeries over stitches from the way everything heals. When they mentioned this, I wa fully for it. Hg and I bathed her tonight in they sink with very little water but she can get back in the bath after 5:30 tomorrow. Thank goodness, she was sticky!!

But thank you for the texts, emails and calls. Thank you Auntie Collins for coming out here (and leaving Bella girl!). Harper love is tough, has terrible balance but a personality that will brighten your day. She is so sweet and lovable. Loves Elmo, Minnie, Dora, and Dogs. Won't watch Tv, doesn't need sleep and loves friends!

Our power has gone out twice since typing this. Hg has panicked each time.

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