Friday, December 14, 2012

Week wrap up

I never want time to speed up.
Typically, I would want it to stand still.
To treasure the moments.
To smell my girls just one more time before bed.
To smile, hold them and tell them just how much we love them.
Something is missing a lot.
We miss a piece of our family and often.
The husband travels like crazy.
He is based out of Louisville.
Weekly trips.
Kudos to all those single parents out there, it ain't an easy job I tell ya.
I love my girls so much it hurts.
I gave up a lot of things to stay home and support the husband in his career.
Oh what I would do for pretty toes and soft heels.
I wouldn't change a minute of our lives except for Chris being home.
The girls miss him, he misses the girls.
When he gets home, he spends most of the time catching up from being gone and then preparing to go again.
We miss evenings walking or playing in the yard.
We miss family things.
We miss him.

HG has been acting a lately.
Yes, her age is part of it have you ever dealt with 4-5 year olds and the fact that Harper can be a bully is another.
But also, she misses her Daddy.
She even cried over the play we saw recently because the little girl wanted her Daddy home.
This breaks my heart in two.
I know it breaks the husbands heart as well.
I mentioned it to someone and instead of asking how HG was handling things, immediately it was that she needed to be punished for her actions and that is was a load of crap she as acting out because she misses her dad.
Never once asked about her crying,  her missing her dad and waking up crying in the middle of the night, anything.
I thought I was going to start crying.
Really, I thought I was going to loose it.
My baby girl misses her dad so bad it causes her to cry even talking about him when gone.
I discipline my kids more than most, I am pretty strict on their respectful behaviors towards others.
I can not stand for her to be disrespectful to anyone.
We missed play dates this week because of bad behavior.
We are taking a new route of discipline and it is actually working much better than traditional spanking.
Don't get me wrong, I still believe spanking is okay.
It broke my heart in two.

Back to fun and healthy things.
This is the same milk Harper drinks and I picked these up today.
She seemed to really like these.
I was so excited.
Girl does not like to eat.
At all.
She wants pancakes every morning or waffles.
She chokes and gags on every thing else.
I love making greek smoothies but rushing in the morning or that 5 minute snack doesn't always allow for the adequate time.
These are perfect for all those times.
Plus, I can drink them.
Now, the spinach nuggets she tried Wednesday didn't go over well.
Spinach and raspberry pureed together are her favorites.
Harper is a little obsessed with laundry.
Chilly the snowman.
He is a Texas A&M snowman but all the girls see is Chilly.
Ours is much cuter and I scored him at Tuesday Morning for $10.
Yes, the husband and I searched all local ones for more.
Ours lights.
Kind of blurry but you get the idea.
We opted out of house lights.
For some reason they always come down early spring rather than right after Christmas.
Our sweet friend had us over on Wednesday.
Boyd and HG play so well together, it is so enjoyable.
Harper, she was into everything.
I keep reminding myself that is expected at 14 months.
Nicole is just the sweetest, most Godly person.
She is truly one in a million.
Thank you for having us over.
For those who know HG's obsession with 'activity scenes' know that she will never forget this.
Yes, she was peeing.
If you follow us on IG then you know she likes to take off her diaper.
I rounded to corner 5 seconds too late.

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