Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas Eve, we loaded up and headed down the road for Christmas with my in laws.
Every year, the tree is surrounded by far too many gifts.
The girls were beyond spoiled and squealed with excitement going from gift to gift.
Poor Harper, she only managed a nap of 40 minutes or so all day and stayed strong until arriving home.
We enjoyed  living so close to them during this Holiday, it makes for fun visits.

The husband began suffering from a major head ache and sinus stuff so he headed home with us shortly after the girls normal bedtime.
Setting up for Santa was made easy as I had everything ready to go.
We keep Santa simple.
They don't get tons of stuff, they already have tons of stuff.
The girls exchange, we gift a few items and then Santa has a few.

Love babies and love the snow

Snow, in Texas on Christmas.
My dad's house in East Texas got 2 inches of snow in 45 minutes or so.
Living so close to the in laws allowed for them to come and enjoy Christmas day with us as well.
Uncle Mark was in town and the girls window watched for him for hours.
They just adore him so much.
The husband loves Mexican food and knew we would be sick of the traditional Holiday food by today.
We decided on a menu of pork/chicken tamales, sour cream enchiladas, borracho beans, guacamole, queso, three types of salsa,  and rice.
Everything turned out lovely on this cold wintery day.
The girls decided they were tired of fancy food and opted for eggs, pancakes and french toast for dinner.
Such a wonderful and Blessed Holiday this year.

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