Monday, December 10, 2012

Things lately

I'm weaning Harper.
Weaning as in no more boob.
Or in the weeks to come.
I really honestly believe she would nurse until 10.
She doesn't do it from 7-7 but oh she loves her night time nurse.
And well, I'd lie to if I said I didn't.
There is something magic about it. 
Even the husband can't quite figure out what is so incredible about it.
But, we are on night 2 1/2.
That last half, it is because I gave in around 12:30 one night.
Girl was still going strong and it was past my 10 pm bedtime.
 I know we will get there and right now, a kid cries in public or my girls get cold, milk is squirting.
I'm not is a rush or not a huge rush.
She will be 14 months in two days.
HG was older than that when I fully weaned her.
But Harper, girl needs to be D O N E.
I hate crying it out.
Like hate it.
I will rock your kid all night long.
I will love on them, cuddle them, walk them, etc.
I hate CIO.
Until today.
Yep, until today.
25 minutes at nap time and 7 minutes 28 second at bedtime.
Who is counting?
This week, my goal was to drop the bedtime nurse.
So far, so good.

I'm working on enjoying salmon more.
I still hate baked salmon with lemon and pepper.
They cut it fresh and season it heavily with cajun seasonings.
Each day, I like it more.
Started working on the mantel.
We've rearranged things since this picture.
I love this canvas of Santa.
It was $5 at Hobby Lobby, 1/2 off last week.
My SIL's mom paints one each year and they are always so beautiful.
Saturday night, both girls crashed before leaving the parking lot of Kristen's birthday.

Third jar in a week.
A week right?
My favorite wreath ever.
The husband found his perfect fire pit.
We wanted one that wasn't wood burning because I mean who really wants to smell like that every single day?
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE real wood fire places.
Harper woke back up, refused to sleep without nursing so we went outside so she wouldn't wake HG.
HG and I worked on her Christmas gifts for her friends as school. These are just much to sweet.

What happens when heavy boxes fall on you.
The bruise, it is deep!
No lights on the house this year.
I have enough to think about this year with out the added stress of house lights.
HG gave her nuggets and fries.
Chilly the snowman

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  1. Y'alls woodpit looks so nice. I would love one like that. I'm liking fish more and more, but salmon is one that might still take me a while. Maybe I just haven't had it cooked right yet? Yours looks yummy.

    Thanks so much for coming over. We love being around you all. Thanks for the wine, and the sweet Santa key for Boyd. :)