Friday, December 14, 2012


HG is really enjoying our fire pit in the backyard. She can roast marshmallows and not smell like a fire pit. I do love the smell of a real fire but hate smelling like it for days on end.

HG is preparing for her holiday musical, book exchange and Santa's arrival. She is so excited about Santa and has helped wrap most gifts. She gets so tickled picking out gifts. We start having my family arrive next Saturday for Christmas on Sunday. We are all super excited!!

Harper is finally green booger free but is heading back to ENT gain on Wednesday. We are a week into our 14 day around of our latest antibiotic which followed a 5 day one before that. She seems to be feeling better and not snoring as much which leads to more sleep. Except last night, the husband and I were beside ourselves with all the tears shed from 1-5. Luckily, she seems to be in a great mood and has taken climbing to new levels lately. She too is excited about Santa. She doesn't fully understand but will tell you what Santa says and recognizes him. She adores Christmas lights and trees. We take advantage of the many decorated houses in the evenings and she just goes on and on about the decorations. One house even has a real Santa, Mrs Clause and an Elf. She spotted them before we did. Walking has also turned into running and her vocabulary is so good and cute. She still takes off her clothes any chase she gets and has learned to get a shirt off even in her car seat. Harper is fully done with nursing and I am 'drying' up slowly but surely. This was something she was not ready for but the timing was right. She still asks for 'the boobie momma' but it is less and less each day. I don't think I've heard t more than once today. Hopefully in another week, I'll be back to normal and out of sports bras and smelly cabbage.

The husband and I are holding the fort down. He travels like crazy, I wrangle the house and kids. We did book our Maui trip finally and are on a vacation high dreaming of sand, beaches and a little relaxation. We are going out there for a conference but are heading out early for a few days which just happens to be close to our anniversary.
2013 is a big year for us as for many others. Kids growing up, grandparents growing older, travels, families moving away, HG's last semester of school at her current school, and the list goes on. We are going to enjoy the last few weeks of 2012 with being extra thankful for giving us a good year. It has definitely made us stronger. We are looking forward to the husband being home more in 2013 and hopefully spending more time with our families and friends. Today's shooting has us heart broken and scared at what the world has become.

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  1. You guys do the most fun things. I always think of your family when I feel lazy, and I think how you are always on the go and how much fun you have! You are inspiring to me. I LOVE the backyard smores pictures!!